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The Verge de la Cinta will be reformed and the procedures will begin in 2025 for a new hospital

The Department of Health and the Tortosa City Council have announced the start of the expansion and reform works of the Hospital Verge de la Cinta to improve the situation of the health center, along with increased accessibility. Now, in 2025, the procedures will begin to build a new reference hospital from Terres de l’Ebre to Tortosa, to Ferreries.

After days of debate, intensifying the darrers mesos, the long-awaited news has arrived this Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., after a meeting between the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, and the mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé. The Minister and the Mayor have announced the start of the first phase of action with the Department of Health allocating 30 million euros to expand and refurbish the Hospital Verge de la Cinta in Tortosa. The bidding for the project and the work will be joint to speed up the procedures and start this summer. It is expected that the work will last approximately two years, and that our countries will be operational by 2025.

The works allow reforming and expanding the hospital facilities in order to integrate the necessary services with a new construction module of 5,500 square meters of assistance (and 1,500 technical buildings). In this module, of four floors and new work, there will be a new surgical block with five operating rooms, external consultants, part of the day hospital and two floors of underground parking, among other services. The surgical area of ​​the current hospital (approximately 1,800 square meters) is also to be reformed.

In this way, the expansion will also increase the accessibility to the center, since in addition to the two parking plans for vehicles, they will also build two elevators (darrera del Col legi de la Consolació), which will save the existing unevenness, in order to enhance the access of vianants to the hospital. During the works, there will be a temporary parking of four floors in the pit, with capacity for 400 vehicles and an investment of four million euros.

Així, finally, the transfer of the water deposit is ruled out, which increased the cost of the project, and transferred the oncology service of Jesús. The Verge de la Cinta is the reference hospital center of the Terres de l’Ebre Health Region and serves more than 175,000 people. «The Verge de la Cinta needs immediate action. It is a 45-year-old hospital, and in some plants there is no fet cap action”, Minister Argimon has assessed. Malgrat les millores, but, the minister has expressed that “they will donate a short life” and that with the extension “they will have no reserve space”. Therefore, Argimon has highlighted “the Department’s commitment to a new hospital”, so that Salut also opts for the construction of a new hospital, a cop has analyzed the pros and cons between a second phase of expansion or a new hospital center

Així, the forecast is to tender the project of the new hospital in 2025, a cop will finish the works of the Verge de la Cinta. The mayor of Tortosa, Meritxell Roigé, has already offered some land to Salut who will study the second viability. It is the tract of a partial darrera plan of the former INDO and El Caprabo, which are the property of the Town Hall and Sareb. The mayor has put emphasis on having fet l’anunci ara, a cop ja s’has studied tot and not create false expectations there: «Fa 16 ja is going to announce a new hospital. Let us not believe that, one more cop, the announcement is not a reality and generates more frustrations for the citizens».

pel nou hospital platform
The Platform for the new hospital has been present at the Plaza de l’Ajuntament during the meeting and later has been able to talk with Minister Argimon. They positively valued the announcement, but with prudence: “we are satisfied and hopeful, but we will demand a plan and we will have a technical commission to follow up on the matter and that the new hospital follows a reality”, they have expressed at the portals. Likewise, the platform will continue to recollint signatures in favor of the nou centre.

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