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The URV launches a new biomechanics laboratory

The Universitat Rovira y Virgili has inaugurated this Thursday a biomechanics laboratory that will allow Physiotherapy and Biomedical Engineering degree students to carry out practices related to the analysis of human movement.

The equipment is located in the Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, in the Sant Joan de Reus Hospital.

In addition to practical subjects, it is also useful for students who are doing final degree projects, master’s degrees and doctoral theses, since they will be able to collect data from study volunteers.

The laboratory has two inertial sensors for kinematics studies and a force platform and a surface electromyograph for kinetic studies. At this time, research work in physiotherapy is already being carried out in the laboratory.

Biomechanics laboratory of the Teaching Unit of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Hospital Sant Joan de Reus. Photo: Courtesy

The inauguration of the laboratory took place yesterday afternoon, with the inaugural lecture by Albert Ferrando, traumatologist at the Hospital Universitari Sant Joan de Reus and professor at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University.

The Dr. Rodrigo Miralles Award for the 2020 edition was also presented: Study of the correlation between the injuries of the flexor aparell of the hand and an imbalance of the musculature of the dits of the hand in amateur climbersby Gemma Argilaga and Marta Clares, physiotherapists graduated from the URV.

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