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The unstoppable rise of women’s football

The promotion of the Fundació Futbol Base Reus to Primera Catalana is just one more example of the growth that women’s football is experiencing in the province. This sport is already an unstoppable reality that at a national level is at its best with FC Barcelona as the absolute flag of the movement.

Luckily, the demarcation has teams that have been working for years and are seeing the reward for so much effort and dedication. There are more and more teams and that causes the competition to increase. The presence of clubs from the province in higher categories is increasing and that only makes it possible to generate some of the most positive synergies for women’s football in the territory.

Riudoms has earned in its own right to be considered the reference team. Raúl Lucha’s girls have been in the First National for two years now. The only team in the province that competes at the state level and the truth is that it does so with enormous integrity.

In his first year he fought for salvation and got it, while this season he has done it more firmly and that he had to deal with the loss of the great scorer of women’s football from Tarragona, Joana Roig who signed with Atlético Baleares with which it has risen to Third RFEF this course.

The loss of its star did not change the roadmap of an entity that grows year after year. She competes in a sea of ​​sharks with the illusion for the flag. It cannot offer that economic potential that other clubs in its categories do, but in return it works and provides that human warmth that often counts more in these categories.

On the second step is Cambrils Unió, but they are experiencing a dream season in the First Catalan League. In this category they made their debut this year after getting promoted and their step is being so firm that they have options to get promoted to Preferred.

At this time they are second with 57 points. In theory, only the first classified can go up, in this case the Guineueta that enjoys a good distance of eight points, but there could be compensated promotions and that the second ones also ascend. That would cause the Cambrilenses to be able to play in the highest Catalan category. The Cambrilian project has only existed for two years, but it already boasts of a promotion, of being fighting for the second and also has a pressing base. In fact, his Juvenile A has achieved promotion this week to the First Catalan after beating Ribes (3-1).

He will also be in the Catalan First Division next year with Reus, who achieved promotion this past Sunday to the Catalan First Division after winning the derby against Nàstic (5-0) in a Municipal match that almost completely filled the stands. He has done it with the return of his first team, the base has never stopped, and after a precious fight with another team from the province such as Morell.

It has also been a precise course in the Second Catalana that has had wide territorial representation with clubs such as Nàstic, Vendrell, Tàrraco, Reus de Tota la Vida and Rapitenca.

The Nàstic also bets

It is precisely the presence of Nàstic that has recovered its women’s team this year and is giving a great performance in its debut in the Second Catalana. There is still a long way to go, but who knows if the Nou Estadi will soon witness a match for its women’s team. That is the dream of the girls and the fans who offer her support from the first moment after her return.

The ceiling of women’s football in the province is unknown, but the illusion is absolute. Every time we work better, there are more teams and consequently more talent. Promotions like those of Reus or the Cambrils Unió youth team are just reasons to keep dreaming. Who knows if the next Putellas is at home. What is clear is that women’s football remains.

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