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The unstoppable degrace of politics. El ‘catalangate’, one more comedy

They represent the seva comedy and expect us to applaud at the end of the work, as if they empasséssim the story, satisfied by the spectacle offered. Tomba i tour amb l’anomenat ‘Catalangate’ malgrat that we know, from the first moment, how it will end. In res. Un afer gravissim? I so much, but it is clear that it depends on attenuants, considerations and how the creators of opinion embolize the exchange. In any country that considers itself ‘full democracy’, a huge crisis would ensue, all would be transparent, and there would be a number of resignations. Be, normally, the democracies that act there do not need the ‘plenes’ because they are not and they do not come with marks or serial defects, like others. With all the seconds that the adversary followed, they pull the string and they can stop the orella in the conversations of our representatives without a problem. That because they are Catalans and against them they are worth everything, they could affect only a handful of accusations of victimism, supremacism and the usual long etcetera. He is a fan of offenses, sometimes by chance, those who most haurien to shut up and devote menys show their democratic values ​​tot and say progressistes, but also we are accustomed. Pel que fa a minority gang, però, s’han passat them win to shut up and empassar-se els gripaus de semper sense dir ni piu. S’ha perdut que tarannà de mesell que mai no s’hi returns i ara es certe respecte i dignitat, res d’extraordinari, nor did we believe. Per això també creix la catalanofòbia.

And in the first act, there are those who threaten to stop breathing and become drunk if such deplorable acts do not carry consequences. They were here to show their enormous gratitude, solemnly assure that they would donate the dialogue table frozen and I don’t know how many more calamities. Whose taula are they talking about? Of the pèl dam that will last only one function? Of which the government of the Spanish has said, per passive and per active, that you do not have a new data of trobada? It is announced, of course, by a broad opposition front, of course, and someone, fond of wasteful topics, said that it is, that this is the point of inflection to achieve the unity of the three independent forces. Who felt represented by Junts, Esquerra and CUP in this vaudeville, congratulations, they comptarem amb els dits de les mans. Above all, if they do not appear among the recipients of any public payroll, who will follow the bandol of militancy. To the rest, so predictable he guided ens manté gèlids. The escarafalls will continue, the gestures facing the gallery and in the end, it will not happen at all. Beef of beef Ho know all folded and ho know nosaltres, that assistim to our episodes of an unstoppable degradation of those politicians that mai not finish exhausting the capacity of surprise. With the viscuda, a detail, how Margarita Robles, head of the Ministry of Defense, is going to reveal that she did not have the remotest idea that she was part of ‘The New Yorker’. It must have a certain value to show in a public square, let’s not say all a Senat of the birth, such a degree of ignorance interested. If you don’t know what this referential tot magazine is, it’s not worth the job. And if I know and mislead, pitjor faces perquè menteix a consciència, gravíssim sin on a public server. L’endemà, the role of Robles al Congrés reconeixent empipada l’espionatge is going to be galdós, really pathetic. But we know how much it is worth and avall. I així ens goes to tots plegats.

Sant tornem-hi: Since the ‘procés’ is going to officially end, I sense that two million people are donated by rubbish on the map, ins we are limited to witnessing our chapters of the series that only emphasize morality. Each cop who thinks ‘ai, in who are the men!’, ja not enscal or refer to the position of cadascú on the stage because all semblen carvings pel mateix patró. Mediocre actors who represent what they play and, in the end, return to the reality that they conve. The one that they hi pays a bon sou públic, because of their severe limitations. I fins an altra, apa. Fa anys que juguem amb foc i ens anem cremant.

Ara, just missing the capítol d’ahir. I see that the President of the Government and the Minister of Defense also spy and I don’t know if it’s a diversionary maneuver or if, in fact, the key players of the Estat are fan of the war by themselves, which they face would be pitjor. If it confirms the last hypothesis, bad signal. They have managed to dubtem de tot i de tothom. Democracy on vermella alert and need to escape a monster who no one has stopped the peus. Continuem apostant: In the end, no passarà res. Per misfortune of tots, clar.

Frederic Porta has been a journalist at various times during the last forty years. He is a writer of books on the history of Barça. The greatest face is about to arrive, for sure. Etern learn.

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