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The underground containers of the Mercadal de Reus will be dismantled

The Plaza del Mercadal will no longer have underground containers. The City Council will remove them before Sant Pere. Specifically, as specified by municipal sources to the Diari, the forecast is to eliminate both the interior tanks and the mouths and dismantle the entire island. Although the same sources do not refine the date, the restaurants in the area, which had recently complained about the accumulation of waste on the ground and odors derived from this battery, expect the intervention to take place around the 16th. of this same month of May.

The alternative so that the residents of the Mercadal, which the City Council estimates at approximately 38, can throw away the rubbish will be the container islands in the Plaza del Teatre and the Plaza de los Argenters.

On the other hand, the municipal government is carrying out an “expansion and improvement” of the door-to-door collection system for commercial waste, in such a way that “a reinforcement of collection in the downtown area and in the historic center will be implemented. , where there are a large number of commercial and restaurant establishments, by distributing containers to all the businesses in the area».

The garbage deposits for the different fractions will be distributed to the premises depending on the type of activity they carry out. Thus, for example, as indicated by the City Council, “a restaurant will usually have containers of up to four fractions (organic, rest, glass and packaging) while a clothing store will only have rest.” Cardboard and paper are collected separately, also with the door-to-door mechanism but without containers, through the vehicle circuits on specific days and times.

A few weeks ago, this newspaper collected the complaints from Mercadal businesses that lamented that “damaged or full containers next to the terraces give the square a very bad image” and pointed to issues of incivility. Around 75 such container islands are still in operation in the core. The bars asked for alternatives to the underground tanks, especially after, coinciding with Easter, they were out of service due to technical problems. At that time, the City Council already activated a cleaning shock plan.

The deployment, ready for Sant Pere

Sergi Llambrich, in charge of the Cal Gallisà restaurant, yesterday assessed that “the change is going to be positive for the image of the city and it will be good if this problem stops” and he thanked the City Council for “taking this important step, taking into account The position that Reus has, which attracts a lot of tourism, counts. Llambrich explained that “we will work with some containers that we will fill, we will take them out at night and they will empty them, and we trust that it will be better”.

Municipal sources detail that the distribution of containers is in the initial phase and that it has begun in the Plaza del Mercadal and the nearby streets and will be completed in Sant Pere. Thus, “the deployment in the old nucleus will end before the summer and in the entire center it will do so in about six months.”

The mayor of Reus, Carles Pellicer, specifies that “the extension and improvement of the door-to-door commercial collection system is foreseen in the new waste collection contract and is one more example that shows how the new service brings progress, comfort and facilities for companies and the whole of the citizenry”. For his part, the Councilor for the Environment, Dani Rubio, specifies that “with this improvement and expansion of the door-to-door system for commercial collection in the downtown area, we will improve the service to businesses and facilitate waste sorting and increase of selective collection. «Currently, about 400 businesses, especially in the industrial estates, already use the door-to-door commercial collection service, but now it will be progressively extended to the entire center and, without a doubt, the improvement will have an impact on an increase in the numbers of selective collection in the city”, he concludes.

An educator to redirect neighbors towards alternative batteries

When the underground containers in the Plaza del Mercadal are definitively unusable, as detailed by municipal sources, an educator will begin to provide a service so that users know the alternatives to which to go to throw the garbage. The two that the City Council has planned are close to where until now the neighbors carried the bags: the Teatre square is about two minutes away on foot and the Argenters square is a similar distance away, about 160 meters away. The educator will lend a hand to citizens to inform them that they should not continue going to the Mercadal battery, which will have fallen into disuse.

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