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The UN escull l’Ebre to assess urban resilience

The United Nations Organization (UN) has chosen the Terres de l’Ebre as the first territory in the world to assess urban resilience in light of global repercussions. Així, will be the seu of the pilot test promoted by UN-Habitat that for the first time will be applied in extensive territories and not just cities, with its fins ara.

The Vice President of the Generalitat and Minister of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró, will sign a memorandum of understanding in New York with the Executive Director of UN-Habitat, Maimunah Mohd Sharif.

This United Nations program helps cities, and for territories, to increase their resilience by promoting transformations and global repercussions. In the case of Terres de l’Ebre, there will be the revolution and the digital economy, the demographic trend, the post-nuclear energy scenario, sustainable tourism, water tensions and the management of natural and cultural heritage. , between d’altres. Així, it is farà a diagnosis of the global status of the territory; by després propose and promote concrete actions, d’accord with the local agents. A methodology that is tried to l’Ebre for exporting-is after arreu del món.

It is the tract of a phased project. The first is the collection of information about the area, with the participation of all the actors of the territory, followed by a diagnosis of the villagers and the opportunities for economic, territorial and social transformations. Later, experts from the UN helped prepare recommendations for priority actions. «These recommendations are in the line of managing the risks of the various transformations facing the territory, adapting and planning the sustainable development of the area with the involvement of all agents, both from the different levels of administrations and from la societat civil”, according to the Govern’s standout.

Fins ara, the methodology of the program has been tested in cities and urban environments that are very different from all over the world, of diverse grandàries, geographical situations and climatic contexts, such as Dakar, Asunción, Medellín or la mateixa Barcelona.

Ara, UN-Habitat and the Generalitat de Catalunya, along with the General Directorate of the Digital Nation and Urban Agenda, will collaborate to adapt the program’s methodology to territories and areas larger than cities and that also present vulnerability to climate change.

The Terres de l’Ebre is a fragile environment that needs to be preserved and complex, combining areas of great natural value with urban areas, becoming an ideal territory for this first global pilot test, according to the promoters of the agreement. In this sense, Vice President Puigneró emphasizes that it is a matter of quatre comarques amb singularitats molt diferents. «Now we have to see how to apply the Urban Agenda to a system of municipalities that are very different but interconnected».

«The Terres de l’Ebre is of great interest to the United Nations for its economic, social and demographic repercussions, which make them an ideal place to develop this pilot project». Some of the repeated quests that will be analyzed are «the existence of a fragile natural environment that can be preserved, and also brings together the traditional economy together with new economic opportunities», the «population repts», many different to the municipalities of l’interior of the coast, the “specific identity” of the Terres de l’Ebre or “the energy repte, quan tank les nuclear power plants”, details for the seua band the general director of Nació Digital i Agenda Urbana, Maria Galindo .

The program lasts 4 years. During the first year, it will work on collecting data and diagnosing with a joint work with the UN experts.

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