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The Ukrainian youtuber from Roda de Berà Anatoly Shariy believes that he will die if Spain extradites him

The Ukrainian youtuber Anatoly Shariy, on whom an international extradition order weighs that must be resolved by a judge of the National High Court within 40 days, explained in an interview that if Spain extradites him “it will be the end” and they will kill him after torturing him.

From his home in Roda de Berà (Tarragona) and together with his wife, Olga Bondarenko, Shariy has been relaxed and has predicted that he will only be extradited if “Spain is not a rule of law”. “I have not done anything. What does high treason mean? detention that has been carried out by the National High Court, which has released him on provisional release for the time being and must decide whether or not to send him to his country within a maximum period of 40 days.

“It is not a crime to criticize your government. That is something that Zelensky does not seem to want to understand, says Shariy, who accuses the kyiv executive of “using this horrible war situation to attack opponents.” According to him, now even in Ukraine “it is chaos, there is no law and no justice”.

“What is that in my country that you can send someone to prison for 15 years for talking about multilingualism? Is it forbidden for me to have an opinion? It should not be a crime,” he reflected. She also criticizes that deputies and “members of the government” of Zelensky have spoken of “bringing him in pieces” from Spain to Ukraine and “ending” him.

The judge forces him while deciding his extradition not to leave the country, something that does not “concern” him. “I don’t want to flee to another place. I believe that this is a rule of law so I don’t have to be afraid. And if it isn’t, then I don’t want to live here anyway,” he adds.

He describes the extradition procedure as “garbage” and defends that since the war began “in ten minutes he was already live asking for help for the Ukrainians and saying that he was against the war and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine” . Likewise, he assures that he has sent food and basic necessities and that he has used his channel to put people who ask for help in contact.

The National Police arrested him this Wednesday in the Tarragona municipality of Roda de Berà and was transferred to the National High Court to go to the disposition of the investigating judge 4, who must decide whether to agree to the extradition.

After the statement, Shariy, who has Gonzalo Boye as a lawyer, who has defended pro-independence politicians such as former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, was released provisionally with precautionary measures, although without bail. Shariy and his wife prefer not to give much information about whether they have private security or from the Mossos themselves in the face of pro-Zelensky Ukrainians protesting at their house since the war began.

According to his wife, “many Ukrainians stop Anatoly on the street to greet him and tell him that they are followers”, although he also acknowledges that they have received insults. “Whoever threatens my two-year-old son cannot be called Ukrainian, he is just trash,” says Shariy bluntly.

The detention “was possible thanks to the close cooperation of the Security Service of Ukraine, with the Prosecutor General’s Office, international partners and as a result of a multi-level special operation of Ukrainian law enforcement officers,” the Ukrinform agency reported. The Security Service of Ukraine, the SBU, emphasizes that this detention is another evidence that “every traitor in Ukraine will sooner or later receive a deserved punishment, it is inevitable.”

The Ukrainian special service suspects that Shariy committed crimes under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: art. 111 (treason) and 161 (violation of the equality of citizens according to their race, nationality, religious beliefs, disability and other causes).

According to SBU investigators, the youtuber carried out illegal activities to the detriment of Ukraine’s national security in the field of information: “There are reasons to believe that Shariy acted on behalf of foreign structures.” “The evidence of the investigation is confirmed by a series of expert studies, which established that in A. Shariy’s interviews and speeches there are facts of his subversive activities against Ukraine. He was declared a suspect last year,” they specified in a statement. release.

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