The two accused of killing a 63-year-old woman in Bisbal del Penedès demand acquittal

The two men accused of killing one of their daughters in the summer of 2017 in Bisbal del Penedès have demanded acquittal. According to the defense briefs, to which the ACN has tingut, the two deny having tingut res a veure amb la mort de la dona, 63 years old. The advocat de l’aleshores gendre de la victim emphasizes that the nit dels fets some veïns van veure tres personas amb roba fosca i strange attitude to the voltant of the house on is going to commit the crime. The lletrat els assenyala com a presumptes autors de la mort. The other accuser is also disassociated from the fets, malgrat in his police self-incrimination for covering up her seva parella, the telephone of which was connected to the Bisbal repeater in the succés time slot.

The two will be released on February 2018, accused of a crime from the beginning of July 2017. They will be in preventive detention for a year. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, they are going to plot a plan to steal 20,000 euros from the donut, who is expected to be left unconscious, and will pretend that the assailant has been unconnected.

The prosecutor concluded that the victim’s father, DMM, was going to leave a hole in the perimeter tank of the house so that his friend, AGM, could enter to assault his daughter. El sogre no hi era, i la filla i ell marxaven to sopar outside, leaving the dona alone. Her friend, the prosecutor argued, is going to suffocate her and take a purse with 3,000 euros in cash and two rings, without taking advantage of the existence of an envelope of hers with 14,000 euros. The home is going to Marx and he is going to send a message supposedly agreed to his friend to donate the robbery for finishing.

On arriving home, the man and the girl will watch over the donut and they will notify the emergency services. The girl, explains the prosecutor, is going to donate that the bossa de mà hi left her envelope with 14,000 euros and she is going to keep it. Subsequently, at the request of the agents, she is not going to hand everything over to the police. The girl will be investigated but ultimately she will not be judged. Because of the two defendants, the prosecution demands that they be sentenced to 28 years in prison for a crime of murder and robbery in an inhabited house. The two, però, refute the report of the public ministry.

The victim’s parents said that the 4th of July night is going to come home and it’s going to find the cost of the unconscious donut. “He is going to participate in a desperate attempt to revive her,” insists the advocat, who recalls that her second wife – the deceased’s wife – is going to take care of the house and the farm to forage the intruders who haurien come the crime

The letter emphasizes that the research on the seu client is based on “sospites i conjunctures”. At the mateix temps, he recalls that during the investigation there will be several times that will relate to having seen three people with roba fosca al voltant de la casa la nit dels fets.

The seva presence coincided, they explain the veïns mateixos, with the presence of a white van to the mateixa area, to the Priorat urbanization. “The Mossos d’Esquadra are not going to pay importance to this information”, regrets the advocat, who affirms that “probably” the perpetrators of the crime are going to be these people “pel relat dels testimonies i por l’hora in which it is going to commit the delicious”.

Al seu torn, the defense of the other accuser admits that his client will self-incriminate himself in police seu, but emphasizes that he will not ratify-the jutge is given. The letter assures that the home will fight in defense of her seva dona, to whom the police located the Bisbal del Penedès based on the location of her mobile phone.

Pel who goes to her phone, this appears to be located at the house between 9:35 p.m. and 9:56 p.m. on the day of the fests, while the coroner concluded that death will occur in a band that goes from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. . The advocat argued that the inaccuracy of the time of death prevented her from attributing it to her client, and remembers that in that time slot the dona will contact several of her relatives.

The letter recalls that the forensic examiners will determine that death occurs between two people, one of whom would subject the victim’s neck for a second to cover his nose and mouth. Regarding the missatges that the two accusers will exchange, the AGM defense considers that the case has “fabulat” about a non-existent conxorxa.

The cause will be judged by a popular court. Judicial sources proper to the case estimate that the case will not arrive in court at the Tarragona Court in the first quarter of 2023.

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