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The traditional Sant Jordi program returns to Altafulla

The courtyard of the Teresa Manero schools and the Plaça de l’1 d’Octubre will become this holiday on April 23 with the epicenter of cultural activity for the celebration of Sant Jordi’s Day in Altafulla.

In this way, the event will return to normality with the traditional parades of books and roses, along with those of local entities. L’horari will be from the matí deu to the afternoon set.

Com in other editions, a design d’authors locals will sign books to stop the Municipal Library ‘Martí Magriñà’ instal·larà to the Fira de Sant Jordi des d’l’on emissora Municipal d’Altafulla RADIO (107.4 FM) també hi per emetre a program will especially directe de Sant Jordi, the mateix dissabte, 10 to 14 hores.

Concretely, they will be deu autors locals that will be distributed during the two usual fringes of the day. At matí, l’espai will include the presence of Toni Capell, Pepi Miró, Imma Vallmitjana, Jordi Palau and Jordi Suñé; in the afternoon, with Víctor Centelles, Sandra Ballester, Albert Pardo, Ángel Ezcurra and the Italian poet Bartolomeo Smaldone.

Another band, the Councilor for Culture, headed by Mayor Gemma Maymó, has scheduled two activities for families during the Sant Jordi weekend. For a band, the musical contacontes amb ‘Pirate i l’illa of the tresor’in the care of Gerard Mallorquí, the dissabte 23 to them 12 o’clock to Fair of Sant Jordi; i diumenge 24to them 12 o’clock to church squarea family concert of Sant Jordi amb l’espectacle ‘The bearded princes’.

The complete program is pot trobar to the Web page de l’Ajuntament.

Information poster from Sant Jordi to Altafulla. Photo: Courtesy

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