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The Town Hall of Rodonyà will signal the vuit terminus walks

The Town Hall of Rodonyà will have all the rural municipal roads ben senyalitzats, according to the current regulations, they have changed the colors with respect to how old the old people are going to pose. A million that the mayor of this municipality of l’Alt Camp, Enric Ferré, expects to see in March before the summer. The countries with the whip and the aluminum cartel that is posed will follow the current regulations.

The indications will be in gray and not in green, with fins ara. The measure will affect the roads that go to the municipal term. In total, 17 countries will col·locaran since in each encreuament de camí hi haurà a punt, in which hi could have diverse senyalitzacions. They will also be col·located at each start of the walk.

“We have preserved the name of the roads that are no longer ugly to serve,” emphasizes the mayor, as an example of the road from Vilafranca del Penedès to Montblanc or the Bassa Nova road. And in each senyalització hi haurà an indication of cap on is va. Besides, they will also pose at the Puig health itinerary. Aquest, 4.35 kilometers long, is circular and is mainly used by the neighbors of the town.

This millionaire of the senyalització had a total budget of 6,196.41 euros.

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