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The tours return to the places and streets of Terres de l’Ebre

The municipality of Aldover has donated the tret of sortida to the bullfighting season to Terres de l’Ebre, amb bous per Sant Jordi. This mateixa week the festes of Mas de Barberans also arrive, while at midjans de maig it will be the torn d’Alcanar. After 2020 there will be no running and every season will be atypical, as well as the many scheduled shows, portable venues, tickets and limited seats, the fans celebrate that this 2022 will be able to recover the usual activity als streets and temporary places, with pre-pandemic figures.

From the Association of Penyes and Bullfighting Commissions of the Terres de l’Ebre, they have insisted that the festivities return as abans from the pandemic, as well as the modalities for the Llei 34/2010, of October 1 , of regulation of the traditional festes amb bous; I also capllaçats and embolats.

Tot plegat, davant del neguit that has generated among the fans the announcement of the presentation to the Parliament of Catalonia of a legal proposal to modify the current regulations and prohibit the most controversial modalities. An initiative of the Prou ​​Correbous Platform, presented through the groups of the CUP and the Comuns and that hopes to be able to pull together the support of other formations. The promoters will begin to modify the law and suppress the modalities of capllaçats, embolats and bous a la mar, as the first step to end the prohibition of the correbous to Catalonia, all the legant that a large majority of citizens of the country hi is against .

In a missatge through the xarxes, the president of the Association of Penyes i Comissions Taurines, Santi Albiol, trusts that this season will be the one of the return to normality, sense cap restriction. “La festa dels bous és sobretot això, festa”, he affirms. Així, he fa a crida als afionats to gaudir of the season «amb respecte i civisme».

In favor of the new initiative to the Parliament, the Association has met with the delegate of the Government of Terres de l’Ebre, Albert Salvadó, and the mayors of the municipalities to hold meetings, to analyze the situation. From the l’entitat explain that it is also meeting with the groups of the Parliament to defend “our tradition and culture”. In this sense, they trust that they can “revert this nou attack cap to our party, especially because one more cop tries to escort the territory.”

Surveillance of the animals

For the seva band, members of the AnimaNaturalis entity, which is part of Prou ​​Correbous, have moved this week to Aldover to capture images of the bous embolats that they are going to celebrate. An activity that is part of a campaign started a few years ago by part of this entity, with the aim of denouncing the mistreatment that seems to be kicking the animals in the different modes of bous and presenting complaints in the cases that they consider that the regulations are incomplete, as if they detect the participation of minors in modalities such as the bou capllaçat.

Des d’AnimaNaturalis also warn of the despair that the bous entail for the town councils, and that after a study they have totaled 850,000 euros per year (2019), mainly in the municipalities of Montsià and Baix Ebre.

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