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The thousand and one characters of Latre, in the TAP

Pedro Sánchez singing as Aitana; Fernando Simón talking about the end of the masks; Sergio Ramos as C. Tangana Messi, Nàstic and Barça, all the protagonists of La casa de papel or Miguel Bosé and the vaccines… Tarragona-born Carlos Latre will become more than a hundred characters in his new show, One Man Show, which stops next May 7 at the Tarraco Arena. More than a hundred characters in an hour and a half that appear at two or three per minute.

“It is the most mature show of Latre, which has been seen by more than 100,000 spectators,” the comedian and impersonator himself said yesterday during the presentation of the show, in the Central Park. “With more characters, more news and more madness than ever,” he anticipated at a press conference in the shopping center, which brought together more onlookers and followers than the press called. One of the essences of One Man Show is its improvisation. The other, the surprise. Why? Because it is a show that drinks from the present, so it expires practically every day and the script is changed. And surprise, “because of the number of singers, and not exactly professionals, who appear”. Who does not want to see Fernando Simón in the voice of the G Men? Like him, Antonio Orozco, David Bisbal or Els Pets de Constantí, “which I love”. All in one.

‘Back home’

Thus, improvisation will rule until the last moment before appearing on stage. «If One Man Show were today, we would talk about the fact that people in Tarragona do not drink tap water or from cars parked in Platja Llarga itself».

A close and friendly Carlos Latre declared himself delighted to be at home, in his “land” and in his “city” where he has family and numerous friends from his teenage years, first at the Pau Delclós and later at the Martí i Franquès. In fact, his last visit was last Christmas.

Latre stated that One Man Show “was born out of the public’s need to laugh, to forget about problems.” In this sense, he pointed out that he was practically the first comedian and impersonator to come out with a show after the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. «Obviously, it has been evolving, in Tarragona, in the Tarraco Arena, a more mature Latre will be seen», with a simple aesthetic, a Latre dressed in black on stage.

Likewise, the show that will be seen in Tarragona will be unique. “We will do things that are only from here and characters like Núñez or Pepe Rubianes.”

Of the city that has seen him grow, Latre stressed that “it is little recognized. There is no other as beautiful with heritage, beaches, gastronomy and wines. Not only the city, the province is spectacular and we need to believe it a little bit.

Thus, the humorist and impersonator awaits all his fans on the 7th and new followers, whom he seeks to surprise and above all, entertain. Tickets for sale on the web:

Comedian, showman, actor, host and impersonator all in one. Throughout his career, Latre has participated in large-format television programs such as Crónicas Marcianas, by Javier Sardà. Also Your face sounds familiar to me and El Hormiguero. Since his inception, at just 17 years old, Latre has given life to more than 600 characters from all walks of life.

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