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The theater group where the councilor of Valls accused of sexual abuse and the victim performed, already knew the facts

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The Grup del Teatre Principal de Valls, a cultural entity where the councilor for Culture of Valls, Marc Ayala, would have been related to minors, has issued a statement in which he assures that he already had knowledge of some “very serious facts” for some time.

“The seriousness of the situation that we learned of made us activate a process of accompaniment for the possibly affected people and provide them and their families with the necessary means to elucidate the events that occurred and take the pertinent measures to compensate for the damage caused, putting ourselves, how could it be otherwise, at your service,” the group said in the statement. Ayala, who has already resigned from office, is being investigated for an alleged crime of sexual abuse of a minor.

The current board of directors of the GTP, appointed in February 2020, considered that to prevent situations like these from occurring in the future, the group has activated “a protocol and an ethical or complaints channel, as established by the EU directive 2019 1937 “.

Secondly, the entity states that in associations such as yours “there is intergenerational participation” and that they are “an opportunity to share, grow and build community”, but adds that “sometimes unwanted hierarchies and power roles can be generated “.

“That is why, out of social, ethical and moral responsibility, we are firmly committed to a change of culture inside and outside the entity, to create spaces free of aggression of all kinds; our unequivocal objective is to take care of the people who make up our entity. and ensure that possible cases like these cannot occur, neither inside nor outside the group,” the statement said.

The group concludes that it is at the full disposal of the authorities and those potentially affected to help in the judicial investigation phase and collaborate in whatever is necessary.

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