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The Temps to Tarragona: Cel cobert

Forecast per avui

El cel romandrà entre mig i molt ennuvolat, or punctually covered, inside the meitat nord, amb creixement de nuvolades from the end of the matí. In the afternoon the nuvolositat will also increase inside the meitat oest. In the rest, it will be between poc i mig ennuvolat.


I don’t expect precipitation.


The minimum temperature will be slightly lower while the maximum will be slightly lower.


The visibility will be between good and excellent in general, tot i that it will be between regular and weak in moments from xàfec to punts de la meitat nord of the country.


Vent de component est entre fluix i moderate al littoral. In addition, the sale will be fluid and variable at the beginning of the morning and from nou to nit, while during the central hours of the day the sale of the component will predominate. Tot i això, north of cap de Creus bufarà tramuntana fluixa or moderate fins a migdia i de nou a la nit.

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