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The Temps in Tarragona: Sol i bon temps

Forecast per avui

Fins al migdia will predominate the sky will be or little ennuvolat, tret del vessant nord del Pirineu on will be molt ennuvolat, amb nuvolositat más trencada during the central hours of the day. Starting from midday, some clouds will appear at points of the Prepirineu, inside the quadrant nord-est ia central Catalonia that will leave the cel mig or molt ennuvolat and it will eventually move to the pre-coastal and central coast around the country of the hores. In addition, in the afternoon they will create bands of nuvols alts i mitjans to the meitat nord of the country.


I don’t expect precipitation.


Slightly higher temperature, both the minimum and the maximum.


Visibility between good and excel lent. A banda, to cotes mitjanes i altes del vessant nord del Pirineu will be regular or dolenta de matinada.


Bufarà sale of north and west components between flux and moderat, both tramuntana moderate amb cops forts to l’Empordà every day and month between flux and moderate fins to midday to Terres de l’Ebre. To the central and southern coast and pre-coastal and to the interior of the north-east quadrant, the sale of the south component will be allowed at the center of the day.

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