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The Temps in Tarragona: Lower the temperatures

Forecast per avui

The sky will be slightly ennuvolat by bandes de núvols alts i mitjans that will circulate from west to east. On the side, from mig matí there will be clouds at points de muntanya, above all the Pyrenees and Prepirineus, inside the north-east quadrant and the rest of the pre-coastal, which will be during the afternoon for the north meitat of the territory, on the sky It will remain between mig and molt ennuvolat, and transitorily covered. A banda, fins a mig matí hi haurà some intervals de núvols baixos at points of the Central depression, i litoral i prelitoral nord.


From the end of the matí s’esperen ruixats al Pirineu, Prepirineu, especially to the eastern sector, to other points of muntanya of the pre-coastal and of the north-east quadrant, which from the afternoon they will be able to arrive at points of the meitat nord of the coast . They will be between febles and moderates and will accumulate small quantities or locally few abundants; a storm is not ruled out. Neu’s level will be around 2,400 meters.


The temperature, both minimum and maximum, will drop slightly, if it will be semblant in the Terres de l’Ebre ia Ponent.


The visibility will be between good and excellent slow to the south, and good to the rest, if it will be regular or slow in moments of xàfec. A banda, hi haurà bancs de boira or boirina a punts de l’interior de la meitat nord fins a mig matí.


The vent blows and flows in a variable direction at the beginning and end of the day to the interior and haurà from the land to the coast. The rest of the day will imposarà the vent flow amb some cops moderates, from the southern component to the coast, pre-coastal and rest of the meitat est, and the south and west component to the rest of Catalonia.

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