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The Temps in Tarragona: Feble Precipitations

Forecast per avui

Cel molt ennuvolat o cobert at the end of the day, with some clarianes al terç oest sobretot during the afternoon.


It expects extensive precipitation fins a migdia a la meitat est, rest of the littoral i al vessant nord del Pirineu, i locally a qualsevol altre indret. From d’aleshores it will tend to minvar, if it will persist fins al vespre to the meitat nord of the littoral. On the other hand, it is possible to produce some local ruixats at points of the Prepirineu, and the Central depression and, more locally to the central precoastal. Precipitation will be between light and moderate, and will accumulate quantities between minutes and little abundance, locally abundant in the north-east quadrant and the rest of the central coast.


The minimum temperature will be semblant. The maximum will also be semblant, if it will bid between lightly and moderately to the third south and west.


Regular visibility on the midday, especially in the high areas of the middle east and in the north of the Pyrenees. I will tend to stay between good and regular the rest of the day.


It will blow the vent of the north and west components of intensity between flowing and moderate, but it will blow the tramuntana to l’Empordà and the mestral to Terres de l’Ebre with some cops forts and some of molt fort, especially fins a mitja late.

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