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The Teatre Bartrina in Reus is converted into a garden of roses

The National Roses Exhibition Contest Reus Reading Center (CdL) will sell the 75th edition there and will return to the presence after the arrival of the Covid. The Teatre Bartrina is going to become a year in a garden of roses (ho seà fins dilluns), in the symbol of the effort of molts roseristes that are going to dedicate time in having a cure for a flower as rare as the rose. Passejar dissabte pel nucli antic ja was a spectacle of rose aromas with the Roses de Reus initiative –through which quatre històrics edificis llueixen instal·lacions florals fins dilluns– and entering the Bartrina will suppose to submerge-s’hi del tot .

Les roses also set records. Almenys is going to defend the businesswoman and partner of the CdL, Anna Civit, in charge of giving the gloss: «The records em porten odours, he remembered the meva mare demanant-me that he helped him to water the plants, he was in contact with both roses. I am also linked to Reus and the CdL, emblems of which are a rose».

the tradition

Tradition is going to be another prominent theme in his speech: «The activity of Roserista enganxa i molts participants ho fan per tradició». He is going to cry the tasques that are not seen and that the growers fan for raining the roses in an ephemeral way. «They know the land, the climate, they have to control the pruning temps and the reg», he will say. The contest is over and he will remember that the first exhibition was during the term of 1936, «in difficult times, after that it will not continue until 1949». «The years 2020 and 2021 will not be face-to-face, but they will continue with activities», assenyalà him. A cop concludes the reading, the master of ceremonies, Empar Pont, will pass the paraula to the assistant authorities.

The president of the CdL, Lluís Miquel Pérez, is going to summarize the years of the pandemic tot dent that “we are going to reformulate ourselves in a photographic format and we will keep it going” and he is going to describe the theater venue as a “roserar”, tot al ludint el that hi has to the area of ​​Mas Iglesias. The delegate of the Govern in Tarragona, Teresa Pallarès, describes the CdL, by her seva band, as a “far, a school of democracy”. The president of the Provincial Council of Tarragona, Noemí Llauradó –dressed in pink– is going to comment on various sayings about the figure of this flower and will remember that the city of flowers is thankful to the roses, especially the Palau Bofarull and that , «since the Diada de Sant Jordi, ja hi havia el camí marcat» ends the day of the premiere of the contest d’ahir. The mayor Carles Pellicer is going to pose the accent in the roserists, here with the shops of the School of Horticulture and Gardening and the School of Art and Design, to which Llauradó is also going to refer, here with the rest of the authorities.

Tot seguit, it is going to lliurar the awards of the two modalities of which the contest consists: the Concurs Exposicion Nacional de Roses and the one of floral compositions of roses, which will support the 35th edition. The first prizes in each category of the Concurs EN de Roses will go to Manel Mora (Afeccionats Rosa Estàndard), Carme Miró (Afeccionats Poliandres) and Cori Fonts (Accionats Miniatures). It is also going to donate the special prizes to the Germans Domingo Monteverde, Encarna Albea, Manel Mora, Ramon Fonts, Laura Pallejà, the Germans Fonts Capdevila and Araceli Mestre. Quant a l’altre concurs, Dídac Cruset va guanyar per Roses de la llum. I, the winner of the #rosesCLR2022 Instagram contest will be Pere Rosselló, per Big Bang.

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