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The Tabacalera catwalk has been sunken for half a year

It was on October 23 when a cleaning machine from FCC, the company awarded the service in the city, ran over the Tabacalera footbridge, parallel to Vidal i Barraquer street, and destroyed several of the pieces of wood that make it up . After the events, fences were placed around the affected space and no intervention was carried out until Thursday, six and a half months later, when the operators began to remove the broken slats. However, the section of the promenade will have to wait another month to be fixed, since the new wood will not arrive until the end of May. FCC recognized the error from the first moment and it was the company’s insurance that assumed the cost and management of the repair, but a delay in the supply of the material has caused it to take so long.

Albert del Rey, a resident of the area, has been denouncing the situation for months. “The section has been broken for many months and they haven’t done anything,” he lamented, noting that “the affected part occupies the entire width of the walkway.” In this way, he explains that “if you go for a walk you are forced to dodge the fences leaving the walk”. Del Rey criticizes that putting up fences “is not a solution to a problem like this for a city like Tarragona”, and speaks of a feeling of abandonment in that area of ​​the city: “If something were to break in the central coves of the Rambla Nova that would force people to drive along the side sidewalks, I would like to see if they would take as long to fix it as it has happened here”, complains the neighbor, who defends that “a walk is for walking, and a lot of people from the neighborhood pass through here, especially with the dog”.

One of these people is Antonio, another resident of the area who, while walking around with his pet, regretted that it is taking so long to fix the walkway. “Surely they have spent months discussing who had to pay for the reform, and one for the other the house without sweeping,” he said. Likewise, he pointed out that «what they have to do is fix things well arranged, because what they will do there will be a patch». In this sense, the neighbor believes that “if they leave the guides as they are, in four days the walkway will be sunken again, because the wood underneath is all rotten.”

In fact, it is enough to walk down the catwalk for a while, inaugurated with the vertical garden and its big screen a decade ago, to realize that it would benefit from a rehabilitation. There are several pieces of wood that stand out and in many footsteps it is noticeable how the platform sinks and bounces. This, in addition to walking around the area involves having many numbers of receiving pigeon droppings.

Despite the removal of the unhealthy structure that was on the Tabacalera façade a few months ago, the space still has a lot of work – and money – to be dignified. And after the surroundings, it will be time to dignify and give way to a complex with as much potential as the old tobacco factory.

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