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The swallows will be able to return to Banyeres with peace of mind

From philosophers like Aristotle to poets like Bécquer, they have been passionate about the voyages of the swallows. those birds they are a symbol of loyalty and fidelity, since they choose a partner that accompanies them for life. Also they are an allegory of good luck in the home.

But also, if the swallow is of the white-tailed species, it is protected and the destruction of its nests is punished with penalties that can reach jail.

The white-tailed swallow usually forms its nests in urban areas and looks for sheltered corners on cornices.


To preserve the breeding points, the City Council of Banyeres del Penedès promotes an initiative that should help preserve nests by preventing dirt from falling into the streetwhich can increase in breeding season and cause inconvenience to the neighbors.

Swallow droppings collection system

The City Council promotes the placement of some shelves under the nests to prevent excrement from falling into the street. With the system it is collected on these shelves and only falls or is blown away when it is dry without the possibility of staining.

This year there will be a monitoring of the system to check its effectiveness so that next year it can be extended to more facades where the bird nests.

White-tailed swallow.

The council points out that the initiative is a commitment to diversity, for the protection of a protected species, but also highlights that the swallow It is insectivorous so it helps to regulate the presence of mosquitoes, also tigers, and other insects.

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