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The Supreme Court confirms that Salut discriminated against the Police and Civil Guard in vaccination

The Supreme Court (TS) has inadmissible the appeal of the Government of Catalonia against the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that confirmed the discriminatory treatment of the Autonomous Government in the vaccination of the National Police and the Civil Guard against the covid 19

The Admission Section of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Court has issued an order in which the appeal against the ruling of the TSJC that condemned the Generalitat for the “unjustified and discriminatory treatment” that it had with the national police is inadmissible. and the civil guards during the vaccination with respect to the Mossos d’Esquadra.

The TSJC condemned the Government for its “total lack of initiative” to vaccinate the agents of the National Police and the Civil Guard stationed in Catalonia and accused it of having “delayed” the immunization of these police officers. A ruling endorsed by the Supreme that says that “the approach of a legal problem that transcends the markedly casuistic nature of the litigation is not appreciated, but rather a discrepancy with respect to the interpretation and assessment made by the Court of Instance does not raising, therefore, any hermeneutic problem that justifies the advisability of a pronouncement of the Chamber”.

The sentence, it continues, contains figures of evolution, dates of difference and rate of vaccination to reach the “conclusion that the regional administration did not have the same will and commitment in the health protection of the national bodies”, without being able to consider that said data are simple subjective elements, as the Generalitat maintains in its appeal.

The Jupol union, majority in the Police Council, has stated that this judicial resolution “makes us stronger and pushes us to continue fighting so that the inequalities and discrimination of the National Police and the Civil Guard in Catalonia disappear, it is a step more so in our fight to end inequality, the unfair and unfavorable treatment suffered by our colleagues in those areas”.

Jupol has stressed that “it has only requested what corresponds according to the vaccination plan drawn up at the national level. A vaccination process that the Generalitat did comply with for the Mossos, but repeatedly denied the Civil Guard and the National Police.”

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