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The streets of El Vendrell win another Fenosa

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This Friday El Vendrell inaugurated the pedestrianization of Quatre Fonts street. In addition to the improvement for mobility, in the area has been placed a fountain with a sculpture by Apel·les Fenosa.

That work, titled Tres Regnes, was sculpted by Fenosa in 1950 and it is the only one of his works created as a font.

The piece was in the Fundació Fenosa in the Portal del Pardo house, a few meters from where the sculpture has been left. The Foundation has ceded it so that it remains on the street as urban heritage.

The three Regnes of Fenosa.

When Fenosa sculpted the piece in his workshop, the director of the Museums of France, Georges Salles, saw it and wanted to buy it for the country.

The first edition dates from 1950. The three kingdoms are symbolized by three women holding hands. Its skirts end in cornucopias from which plants, animals and minerals sprout.

In the first edition of the work there was a great whale that occupied a large part of the animal kingdom. Crowned by a dove.

Subsequently Fenosa modified the iconography. The whale disappeared and in its place various animals appear and numerous butterflies replace the dove.

It is the only work that Fenosa thought to be a source

Also later the sculptor He added some shell-shaped spades that collect the water that flows from the sculpture.

With Tres Regnes there are now three sculptures by Fenosa that decorate various streets of El Vendrell with the aim of publicizing the figure and work of the artist, as well as bringing art to the public thoroughfare.

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