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The steps of Holy Week in Reus are transferred to a warehouse in the Granja Vila industrial estate

The Ecce Homo, from the Confraria dels Sants Just i Pastor, and Pere nega Jesús, from the Confraria de Sant Pere Apòstol, are already resting in an industrial warehouse in the Granja Vila estate. The City Council has enabled it to house the steps of Holy Week, thus leaving free the current space on Castellvell street where the future Center Cívic Gregal will be built.

These two mysteries, the only two signed by the sculptor Joan Rebull and the tallest, moved on Sunday. The operation, as detailed in the Diari Marià Gil, senior brother of the Confraria dels Sants Just i Pastor, lasted around 45 minutes, with the support of the Guàrdia Urbana and supervised by the Agrupació d’Associacions de Setmana Santa de Reus. “In order for them to enter through the door of the new ship, the wheels had to be deflated at the steps” and soon “Brigades plan to carry out some small intervention in the access to expand it so that it is not necessary to deflate each time.”

The president of the Agrupació d’Associacions de Setmana Santa de Reus, Josep Domene, adds that “in principle, what we have done is start with these two steps and, gradually, throughout this week, we will carry out the rest ». In total, as specified in this newspaper, there will be “18 steps, all those who were on Castellvell street”, which will go to Granja Vila. Domene remembers that where they stayed until now “there was a lot of humidity, the place was not very good and that was not good for the images, for the polychromy… The wood carvings suffered”.

For this reason, the change of warehouse is understood as positive in the sense that “in terms of facilities, we are going to be better”. In addition, “we had to go to another place so that the projected Civic Center could be built there.” In the November plenary session, to questions from the PSC, the Councilor for Culture, Daniel Recasens – the person in charge of Participació, Montserrat Flores, was on leave – advanced that in the new warehouse “adaptation works have been carried out so that the steps are in perfect condition” and that “the space will have an alarm, the entities will have their own non-transferable code, the keys will be security so that copies cannot be made and there will be security doors, in addition to a fire system.” Regarding the beginnings of this particular move to Granja Vila, Domene specifies that “there has been no problem, the entrance has been resolved with the wheels and we have had the support of the local police.”

Showcase heritage at the core

But it is already known that Holy Week in Reus also pursues another objective: «Our idea has always been that all the rich heritage is in a place close to the center, that it be visited, and we want it to be so in a not too distant moment, that we locate a site enabled to publicize the steps and have a museum or an interpretation center ». In this regard, Domene recalls that “as entities, we do have this desire and we are always trying to find a place”, although “there are financing and location issues” that will have to be overcome. “We are working on it and the City Council has told us that if a space is found that can be promoted, it will also be discussed,” he concludes.

This is precisely the line in which some of the brotherhoods are advancing, such as precisely that of the Sants Just i Pastor, which a few days ago was encouraged to expose the step in its canonical headquarters, the Priory of Sant Pere, and is in “conversations advanced” to have a spiritual location that could be fixed in the Capella dels Dolors.

Asked about the transfer, Councilor Flores specifies that “one of the stages that had to be completed to move the Center Cívic Gregal forward was to channel the use made of the building by the brotherhoods and the long-worked transfer to a adequate space, and it will be done little by little”.◄From the City Council, “we celebrate having found the place and making the transfer following the needs of the brotherhoods that own the steps”.

For the first time, the accommodation of the steps is part of an agreement that includes the obligations of the City Council and the entities that will store the mysteries, both those that are part of the Agrupació d’Associacions de Setmana Santa and those that will sign individually. Flores values ​​that “it is another improvement because some of the brotherhoods have many centuries of history and, until now, we started from a good understanding but now there is an agreement that represents peace of mind.” Regarding the claims of the Association to have a museum, the councilor specifies that «a museum is a complex facility with a technical team» and that «what was being asked for was a warehouse in conditions that will now be; there are hardly any Easter museums and it is not part of the plans».

As soon as it is completely empty of steps, the old Palau Boule wine warehouse awaits “preliminary work to analyze the situation of the building, and for this reason it was important to be able to enter it soon to carry out technical work. On the other hand, the processing of the project continues, with the modification of some details, and in the coming months the works will begin; it was not possible to wait any longer».

The forecast is that the construction of the Gregal Civic Center will begin in 2022, although “there is a long way to go because it is a complex facility, it follows the line of the civic centers but has one more point of usability, it will have spaces that can be used autonomously and has a technological part. The new Civic Center will serve the area between the Niloga neighborhood, Ample street, Castellvell street, Parc de Sant Jordi, Plaza de la Llibertat and the Doctor Robert street area, as well as the adjacent streets. The project will generate a new square on the corner of Castellvell and Gaudí streets, with an urban pergola that will end up forming the facility’s façade.

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