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The spirit and emotion of dance return to the Balcó del Mediterrani

The spirit and emotion of dance returned yesterday to the streets of Tarragona to commemorate International Dance Day. After two years without being able to celebrate the event in person, the Balcó del Mediterrani once again acted as the epicenter of the day, becoming a classical dance bar, in which nearly 200 male and female dancers –from the six schools of the Associació pel Foment de la Dansa– exhibited their exercises.

As is traditional, the reading of the institutional manifesto took place, by the Councilor for Culture of the Tarragona City Council, Inés Solé, and this 2022 was signed by Toni Jodar and Beatriu Daniel, dancers and creators of Explain Dansa. Some words that were accompanied by the movements that the dancers executed in unison, accompanied by classical melodies.

The celebration of International Dance Day continues this weekend with the collaboration of schools and city entities, which organize different exhibitions. Thus, tomorrow the Dance Gala of the Associació per al Foment de la Dansa de Tarragona will take place, with the participation of the Art i Flamenc, Atgn, Danzartt, Endantza, El taller and Estudi Dansa Montserrat schools. The appointment will be at the Teatre Tarragona and two sessions have been scheduled, at 6 and 8 pm. Tickets are available on the website

Likewise, in Reus, today at 6:30 p.m., the La guapa del Mercadal balla event will be held on the International Dance Day, on the balcony of Casa Navàs, organized by the Coordinadora d’Escoles de Dansa Autoritzades de Reus, while the Gala de Dansa will take place at the Teatre Fortuny, starting at 8:30 p.m., organized by the Associació de professors de Dansa de les Comarques de Tarragona. Likewise, on Sunday, May 8 at 11 a.m., the traditional Mostra de Dansa will be held in the Parc del Francolí in Tarragona, in which different schools and centers in the city will transmit their passion for dance.

Shows in the Throne Room

This weekend, dance and movement will be present hand in hand with the programming of the Cicle de Dansa of the 2022 Spring Season of the Sala Trono, whose second edition will be held until Sunday. The manager and programmer of the Sala Trono, Joan Negrié, highlighted that “after the success of the first edition, we want to establish a weekend in Tarragona to celebrate the International Day of Dance with professional, recognized companies with a long history, in an ideal space like the Throne Room». He himself highlighted that “it is a weekend for creators, since the Throne Room is committed to contemporary creation and supports creators, since unfortunately they do not have as much space as creators. For this reason, the three shows are led by three women: Rosa Romero, Marta Gálvez and Anna Corredor».

After enjoying yesterday the show Debut, by Sevillian Rosa Romero, the next event today is Cúmul (8:30 p.m.), by the company Marta Gálvez –they are premiering outside of Barcelona for the first time– and which questions how a mathematical formula is represented in different natural structures can be expressed through movement, emotion and experience. “It’s a radically different show; an aesthetic marvel with a different precision”, highlighted Joan Negrié.

With the tickets already sold out, the Cicle de Dansa in the Sala Trono will say goodbye tomorrow (double session, at 6:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.) with Enclaves libre, by the Evohé company and with Ana Corredor at the helm, in what is «the bet for the talent from Tarragona in the Sala Trono”, concluded Joan Negrié.

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