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The sociocultural center of Mont-roig is deserted by the price of iron

The Mont-roig del Camp City Council will once again put out to public tender the construction of the socio-cultural center that it has projected on the site where the municipality’s summer track is located. The tender, budgeted at 1,745,485.91 euros (VAT included), has been deserted after no company has submitted any offer to win the contract.

The circumstance that iron is a primary material in this building and the notable increase in price that it has experienced since the end of 2021, when the work was put out to tender, are behind this outcome.

The rise in electricity rates and the war in Ukraine have had a direct impact on the rise in iron, which during the last 15 months has tripled its value on the market.

“The budget for the socio-cultural center was drawn up four months ago and has been outdated due to the escalation in iron prices. And this building takes a significant amount, according to some companies that were initially interested,” explains the mayor of Mont-orig, Fran Morancho, who reveals that the project will go out to tender again, at the end of this same month of April or at early May, with an update of the prices of all raw materials.

This socio-cultural center will be built on a 3,400-square-meter site located on the corner of Calle 1 de Octubre and Calle Aureli Escarré in the municipality.

The building will have a total of 1,513.15 useful square meters, distributed between a ground floor (620), a first floor (397) and a ground floor (495).

The main space on the ground floor will be a multipurpose room (321 square meters), with bleachers, dressing rooms, storage for the stage and technical space; the mezzanine of the room will be the largest area of ​​the first floor (180 m.) where up to four offices of 33.40 m. will also be located; meanwhile, the technical room (412 m.) will monopolize the second floor together with another space for installations (82.90 m.).

“The center will be a versatile and dynamic space, both for theatrical, cultural and talk activities and for entities to have their own rooms,” explains Morancho about this project that has been in the works for years and is now facing its decisive straight.

The company awarded the works will have one year to carry out the works of this socio-cultural center, from the formalization of the contract.

In parallel to this project, the City Council of Mont-roig del Camp faces from this Tuesday the second phase of transformation of the Barcelona avenue in Miami Platja, which includes the section between the Cádiz and Málaga avenues and also includes the redevelopment of the emblematic Jaén square .

After a few weeks in which preliminary work has been carried out such as the removal of urban furniture, the fencing of some areas and the installation of provisional services, from now on the most relevant tasks of this ambitious project on the old national road N- 340.

The works of this second phase were awarded to the company Tecnologia de Firmes for a price of 2,107,674.80 euros (VAT included) and will last for a maximum period of 15 months, as specified in the contract signed on March 15.

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