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The siren after the storm

The small seafaring town of Ea, in Bizkaia, received a painful blow in 1901: a terrible gale hits the fishing area and ends the lives of more than three hundred fishermen in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. Among them is the Anabelle, the steam fishing boat of the Vapores Morgan e Hijos family, one of the most recognized and loved in the area. And in it was the patriarch and his employer, Devon Morgan.

After the violent gale appear on one of the beaches a mysterious young woman dressed in a heavy wedding dress. Rescued by the brothers Dylan and Ulises Morgan, Devon’s grandchildren, they realize that the girl, with siren tints, is disoriented and unable to speak. What surprises them the most is her similarity to another woman who disappeared in the same area more than 20 years ago.Cora Amara, one of the two daughters of Anastasia Amara, the sinister woman who manages the town funeral home.

“Don’t worry because they look at you so much, it’s normal (…) You make them believe that their loved ones can return from the sea even after so much time” A.Leceaga

In addition, the arrival of this young woman who seems to have returned from the past stirs Ea’s insides, where another mystery has been occurring for years: the disappearance of young women who leave no trace and are never found. A crown of lilies that reaches the shore a few days after the disappearance it is the silent memory of all the lost girls of Ea. Of course, the big suspicion is that someone kidnaps them. Someone who has only been able to give him a fictitious name because of the fear he arouses in the sea: Bluebeard.

The fictional stormy weather that suddenly occurs with strong gusts of wind that Alaitz Lecaega recounts in Until where the sea ends seems to have its origin in a real event: a deadly gale, one of the most feared meteorological phenomena by sailors , which in 1878 killed 322 fishermen in the Cantabrian Sea.

The name of Alaitz Leceaga took his place in national literature when in 2018 he published the celebrated The forest knows your name. Fantastic novel specialist, with As far as the sea ends Leceaga won the Fernando Lara 2021 Novel Prize. And it is that the beginning of the work with shades of the ghostly of the popular imagination, gives rise to a complex story in two eras that hides the life of the young ‘mermaid’, fights between the local economic power, disputes for love, family envy, personal obsessions, marine secrets and the identity of a terrible kidnapper. “Deeper than the ocean and darker than the dark bottom.”

As far as the sea ends

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  • Pages: 503
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