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The Seguici de TGN will parade through the streets of Constantí

Part of the Popular Follow-up of Tarragona will participate, in an exceptional way, in a symbolic procession that will be held in Constantí next Saturday, May 14. The appointment is part of the program of commemorative events on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the arrival of the Braç de Santa Tecla in Tarragona. Both municipalities have today presented the most outstanding acts of the celebration. In the case of Constantí, they are concentrated in May, while in Tarragona, the programming will be added to the Festes de Santa Tecla which, this year, will last four days longer than usual.

On May 17, 1321 –700 years ago last year–, the arrival of the Braç de Santa Tecla in the city of Tarragona took place. The relic, coming from Armenia, was transferred to the port of Salou and, from there, taken to Constantí, where it remained for a while until on May 17 it arrived in procession at the Tarragona Cathedral. Everything was planned so that the event could be held last year, when it was 700 years old. The pandemic did not allow for large-format events and the organizing committee limited itself to carrying out more informative events. Now comes the important part of the celebration.

In Constantí, walk and Seguici

On Sunday, May 8, Constantí organizes a walk that will simulate the route that the relic made until it reached the Tarragona Cathedral. The march will start at 10 am from Plaça de les Escoles Velles de Constantí.

On Saturday 14 in the afternoon it will be the turn of one of the most special acts of the celebration. El Drac, L’Àliga, la Mulassa, el Lleó, el Magí de les Timbales, los gegants, los Nanos Vells, el Ball el de Gitanes and la Moixiganga de Tarragona –all of them from the city’s Seguici Popular– will come out in procession with the Seguici de Constantí through the streets of the municipality. In addition, the Braç de Santa Tecla will also be present. The act will begin at six in the afternoon.

This will be the return of the Tarragona Popular Watch to the streets on an itinerant basis and the second time in history that it has moved outside the city. The only time it has happened was in 1998, in Elche, on the occasion of the International Congress of Medieval Theatre.

On Thursday the 12th, a children’s story will be presented –the work of Ferran Marín and the illustrator Edu Polo–, and on Friday the 13th, a conference with the teacher Marta Serrano. In the evening, there will be a theatrical performance by the Les Forques Teatre company.

Four more days of Santa Tecla
The first act in relation to the anniversary will take place tomorrow at the Tarragona Biblic Museum, with the presentation of the Goigs in honor of the Braç de Santa Tecla, by the Tarragona Gogistes.

The climax of the celebration will come during the Festes de Santa Tecla, which this year will be longer than ever and will have a larger budget than in recent editions: 650,000 euros. The festivities will begin on September 12 and end on the 25.

The act that will kick off the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the arrival of the Braç will be the large-format opening show, devised by theater director Marc Chornet and musician Roger Conesa. Both will offer a contemporary look at our culture and our party, without neglecting the most popular elements. The event will be in a 360-degree format, which is why the TAP has been chosen as the stage.

Another of the highlights will be the Mostra de Folklore Viu de Tarragona, which will take place on Saturday, September 17, with the intention of replicating the Seguici Popular de Tarragona through the most significant elements of the Països Catalans.

On the 25th, as the closing of the festivity, a concert will be held in the Cathedral. The newly created piece of music is the work of composer Josep Vila and will feature 150 performers, both amateur and professional choirs.

In addition, during the festivities, an illustrated book by Joan Carles Blanch will be presented, and a documentary on the recovery of the festival, by Maria Roig, Joana Zapata and Sergi Morris. The company La Imperfecta will premiere a contemporary dance show at the Teatre Tarragona, and the photographer David Oliete will present a project that will show the generational essence of the festivities.

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