The risk of covid regrowth rises throughout Tarragona

At the beginning of the week, specifically according to the count of the last 4 days, covid infections are advancing at a slower rate in Tarragona. If last week the figure of 1,000 weekly infections was close, this barely exceeds 800.

Specifically, Salut notifies today 806 new cases, corresponding to the accumulated of last Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Of these positives, 680 belong to residents of Camp de Tarragona and 126 from Terres de l’Ebre. Thus, since March 2020, 237,495 people from Tarragona have passed the coronavirus (187,334 in the Camp and 50,161 in the Ebre).

As for the deaths accumulated since last May 6, Salut has evidence of two deaths in the province. Thus, the accumulated number of deceased remains at 1,620 people in the province (1,376 in Camp and 244 in Ebre).

Alert for the risk of regrowth

As for the Rt (speed of reproduction of the virus) today it adds 1.19 points in the Camp de Tarragona compared to the 0.98 registered last Friday. In the Ebre it also rose compared to last week, falling from 0.87 points to 1.13.

Regarding the risk of regrowth, this rises throughout the province in a worrying way. In the Camp de Tarragona it goes from 417 points 4 days ago to 456 today. In Terres de l’Ebre it went from 251 to 278 points.

Revenue rebound

The revenue marker is up slightly from last week. There are currently 97 people who require hospital care in the province, 5 more than 4 days ago. Of these, 68 are in Camp de Tarragona and 29 in Terres de l’Ebre.

As for the people admitted to the Intensive Care Units in the hospitals of Catalonia, there are currently 33 patients in a serious situation, 2 more than in the previous count.

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