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The Reus City Council allocates most of the expenditure to public roads and urban planning

Community welfare and housing and urban planning are the two areas that take most of the City Council’s spending in 2022. This is reflected in the new transparency tool that the government activated a few days ago, Pressupost Obert (, and that allows citizens to monitor the budget in a “very visual, accessible and easy” way. It is important to bear in mind that the data offered by the portal does not include municipal companies or autonomous bodies, but only those of the City Council, and hence the resources allocated to certain areas –culture or sports are two examples, among others– appear smaller than they are.

The community welfare section initially covered almost 20.5 million euros of the accounts, about 193 euros per inhabitant, and ranges from sanitation and water supply to waste collection and management, passing through street cleaning and public lighting . They are, in short, issues linked to public roads. Expenditure in this chapter has increased by 2.6% compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, housing and urban planning took just over 19 million in the 2022 budget, 179 euros per inhabitant, and includes issues of general administration of housing, urban planning and also public roads, according to the Pressupost Obert. It has increased by 161.8% over 2021.

After public debt, security and mobility is placed as the fourth most voluminous field, while services of a general nature are in fifth place and social services are the sixth concept. In terms of growth, Infrastructures -basically local roads-, with 168.1%, and housing and urban planning, with 161.8%, stand out well above the rest. The City Council earns faster than it spends. By now, you have already received almost 86% of indirect taxes and more than 61% of fees. The new tool also shows the result of the latest modifications of fiscal ordinances.

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