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The Reus beats (Liceo 1-4 Reus)

The Reus beats. It does the rhythm of a workforce that is immersed in a growth spiral. They observe the future, but enjoy the present. A today that allows them to break forecasts and throw overboard the talent of the Lyceum. The current champion of the Copa del Rey was invoiced in a wonderful extension in which they pulled talent and caste. From 1-1 as it began to 1-4 as it ended. A faithful reflection that at the moment of truth there was no hesitation. Jordi García’s men are already in the semi-finals and they want more. Dreaming is free and when you have arguments to do it, even more so.

“That cannot be crossed or penetrated.” This is how the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy of Language) defines the word impenetrable. An adjective that fits perfectly with the first part that Càndid Ballart completed. The red and black goalkeeper kept Reus on the scoreboard because every approach from the Liceo sent it to the bottom. It was in an exhibition of talent, but also of personality because the first is always there, but the second is usually brought out when the context demands it. The quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey were an example of this.

The first half was a mess between two teams that appeared with signs of rebellion in their game. Zero doubts. They both know each other perfectly. They know what they have to do to hit and not get hit. This usually places their matches in ecosystems of absolute equality in which the game brings out shimmering details on almost every play.

The meeting began with a serious notice from the Lyceum. Compagno sinned with momentum and gave away a direct free kick after seeing a blue one. Jordi Adroher, a consummate specialist, went to the challenge, but he found the figure of Ballart. That was a reliable letter of introduction to what was going to happen. The Arenys de Munt goalkeeper drove the Liceo players crazy because he entangled them in a network of saves. Specifically, there were more than 10. The numbers speak for themselves. As if the sensations were not enough.

Beyond the direct foul, the Liceo completed a good staging in the offensive aspect. He managed to generate, but found inspiration from Ballart and misfortune from the crossbar in the 10th minute. Al Reus was seen with a serious face, but a believer. Because he was aware that resisting was the first step to winning. Ballart pointed out a path in which difficulties could be glimpsed, but also a lot of hope.

Beyond enduring, the red and black team also had poisonous sparks in attack. He generated several clear chances. He even enjoyed a stick of Checo Compagno. That along with a counter shot by Salvat were the two clearest approaches of the people from Reus. Like Ballart, Carles Grau, goalkeeper of the Liceo, was also the protagonist. To a lesser extent, but his stops cracked what would have been an interesting game plan with Reus ahead and with the consumption of minutes in favor.

What wasn’t broken in the first half was broken in the opening minutes of the second. First it was the Liceo, but Jordi Adroher had his goal annulled because he was out of time. The tenth foul gave the alternative to a Reus who dazzled Marc Julià. If anyone expected his legs to shake, he was wrong. He destroyed Grau with a masterful execution in the direct free kick.

The same art would give the Liceo the opportunity to tie the match in 10 minutes. Adroher forgave the first, but not the second. Like Julià, he defined coldly to submerge the match in a tense draw. The tie did not move any more in regulation time because both teams did not risk it. Conceding a goal was synonymous with goodbye and nobody wanted to say goodbye to the Cup.

The game went to extra time. Both teams with 14 direct fouls to their credit and with the abyss before their eyes. That stops impulses and stops the nerve. That is why the virtuous madmen appear on these stages. Checco Compagno did it with a shot loaded with tension, probably the tension accumulated throughout the match. It was irrefutable. Grau could only contemplate that missile. 1-2, terrain for uncovering.

Reus did not weigh 1-2 in an exercise in maturity and personality. He knew how to manage it. It went beyond, the broad. Because Julià appeared in the art of direct to become dominant again. His is pure gift. The icing on the cake was missing and Aragonès took care of putting it. He took advantage of having the Lyceum in full exercise of epic to stick the last dagger in a wonderful counter.

Ballart took the shovel and buried the dream straight. It was in a direct foul on Rodríguez in which he took the shot and then the rejection. 25 stops in all. Absolute madness. He held the Reus and his talent propelled him forward. ‘Ballart’ recital. .

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