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The residents of the Roserar de Mas Iglesias, upset with the remodeling of the park

The residents of the Associació de Veïns (AV) del Roserar de Mas Iglesias in Reus are “annoyed” with the development of the planned intervention in the Parc del Roserar de Mas Iglesias, which had to be closed to the public in mid-February -just like than the Parc de Federico García Lorca– to host some remodeling works framed in the garden maintenance master plan of the capital of Baix Camp, awarded, both, with a budget of €127,293.34.

«They are being some works that are causing discomfort among the neighbors, we are upset. The City Council assures us that they are within the execution period, but seeing that there are no rosebushes and that all the plants are scattered in a corner, dead; and that there have been no operators on a regular basis for days, we want to alert the administration of the situation”, explains the president of the AV, Francesc Jornet.

Having the park “in these conditions, worries us, and more with the efforts that it took to have it,” he says. Other neighbors who accompany him say that a “total remodeling of the park, to be up to the standards of others in the city” would have to be done. After all, “the taxes we pay are the same for everyone,” they add. “We know that something similar happens to the other park,” adds Jornet. Municipal sources declare, for our part, that the remodeling is within the deadline.

Jornet recalls, on the other hand, that on the 28th they will celebrate the Festa de la Rosa, an event launched last year that will include, among other activities, a planting of roses and has municipal collaboration. “This year, the planting will have to be in another corner and not the usual one.”

The works of the parks are included in the master plans for maintenance of public roads, which foresees an investment of one million euros with the execution of plans for asphalt paving, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, urban furniture and children’s games, public lighting, gardening, ornamental fountains and mouth.

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