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The remainder of Reus, for electricity bills, Ukraine and occupation

The liquidation of the 2021 budget of the Reus City Council leaves a remainder of 5.8 million euros. Of these, 3.9 are affected by spending commitments in progress and “we can say that they are already part of the budget because we have foreseen them for actions started”, while 1.8 “is the free remainder”. Although, in recent years, this concept used to be reversed in the Investment Plan, as the councilor of Hisenda, Mariluz Caballero, specified yesterday, “the regulations, this time, allow us other options.”

For this reason, and coinciding with the fact that the Plan is “the most important of the last 10 years”, now “we have seen fit to take advantage of these options” and these 1.8 million euros will go to “other types of ordinary expenses”, mainly to «occupancy plans and other organizational needs such as the reinforcement of departments or services; contributions to Redessa, Reus Cultura, Reus Promoció, Reus Transport or Rellsa for projects, events and various actions; increase in expenses for electricity and water consumption; or attention to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and other complex situations that may require an increase in the budget”.

As for the 3.9 million already committed, “2.5 are from investments started and that at 31 of 12 were in progress and 1.4 is current spending.” In 2020, the remainder was 5.5 million.

On the other hand, “the degree of execution of the budget stands at 94.7%, which means that we are 10% above the municipalities with a similar population,” according to Caballero. The councilor also indicated that “we exceeded the forecast for current income by 2.7%, especially with regard to non-stable income such as the ICIO and capital gains” and that “in this indicator, Reus also stands out around 10 points above the municipalities with a similar population, which are at 92% while we are at the end of 102.7% ».

The average period of payment to suppliers is set at 14 days, “within the margin established by the regulations”, and the legal debt ratio has been reduced by 2.1% compared to last year and remains at 69.58 %. Regarding the debt, it has decreased by 55 million between 2019 and 2021: it has gone from 170 to 115. And the legal ratio of net savings is 7.05%, which in absolute terms would mean about 8.4 million.

Provision of 1.9 against capital gains

Caballero pointed out yesterday that the liquidation “has also incorporated an accounting provision of 1.9 million euros to deal with possible estimates of resources or return of income for capital gains” and detailed that, in this way, “in the case of that refunds are going to be made during 2022, these will not affect the results of the year ». «At the time there was a regulatory change, which implied that there were a series of files in which there could be a return or a non-entry, and that means having to provide a game for it, which in the case of Reus is 1 .9 million».

“We comply with all the solvency indicators, with all the principles of financial stability, the result of focusing on order and good management,” insisted the councilor from Hisenda, who was proud of “foresight, control, monitoring and the execution» of the budget. “We are very satisfied with the rigor with which we have taken charge of public resources,” she assessed, and also emphasized the “intense task of economic planning.”

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