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The Regulatory Council of the Siurana PDO promotes a linguistic study on the parts of the Siurana PDO

The Regulatory Council of the Siurana Protected Designation of Origin has promoted the development of a linguistic study on the parts of the set of counties that apply the Siurana PDO. The document, created by the philosopher Roger Roig, collects examples of lexical variation in the activity in the camp to highlight the linguistic wealth of our territory.

L’estudi, which is going to be presented in the afternoon at the Xavier Amorós Central Library in Reus, is an eine that allows us to value the use of Catalan in our territory and, at the same time, single it out. “Mitjançant the linguistic survey carried out on peasants and producers of olive oil from the set counties, we have collected examples of lexical variation in fields such as the treballs of l’olivera, la collita, les eines and the process of elaboration of l’oli” assenyalava the filòleg, Roger Roig, while detailing “with synonyms of collir olives s’have detected expressions like “fer l’oliva” in Selva del Camp or “nà a l’oliva” in Valls. While the parts of l’olivera have detected many localisms such as “flags, brosta, calarsa, cul, escarrotxa, garró, mamador, orelletes, pelaguer, penjants, pullanc, rapa…”.

The supply of treball can be consulted in this link and it is a document that “will enrich it with the contributions that day by day make the payments and the payments of the Siurana PDO” explained the president of the Siurana PDO Regulatory Council , Antoni Galceran. Així mateix, Galceran affirmed that “the pagesia and the olive have a clear value more than food: the olive is culture and the paraules that we use to talk about the olive or the production of the olive are a clarify reflection of the way you pay them and the payments have to understand the world” is for this reason that “the Regulatory Council of the Siurana PDO has promoted this study because we will preserve its value and history”.

Precisely for això and coincident with the presentations, a document is provided because the assistants hi afegeixin the terminologies associated with the cultivation of the olive tree and the elaboration of the olive oil verge.

The presentation, which will be held here at the Xavier Amorós Central Library in Reus and will include the participation of the director of the Territorial Services for Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda, Àngel Xifré, coincides with the celebration of the Sant Jordi festival It is the first of the programs from the Regulatory Council of the DOP Siurana within the territory that the Regulatory Council applies.

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