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The red quarry steps strong

Years go by and life in Sant Pere i Sant Pau remains the same. That cooperative neighborhood in which nothing is given away continues to stick out its chest with its volleyball team. The one that Alfonso Periáñez spawned and revived and that now walks on an imposing firmness. It is not surprising to consider him as one of the most prolific academies in national volleyball because they have earned it by hand. They have been years of constant work that today bear fruit season after season.

If one says that the rojillos have all their teams among the four best teams in Catalonia in all the lower categories, it sounds like a milestone. And it is because with this base it is no exaggeration to proclaim him as the benchmark of Catalan training volleyball.

The most remarkable thing is that his junior has managed to proclaim himself champion of Catalonia in this category, recently released this season. He has done it against the almighty FC Barcelona in the final played in Terrassa and with a generation that has internationals for Spain in the lower categories and players who are already in the dynamics of the first team. Xavier Fresquet and Luke Belda are the stilettos of a team that wants more. A litter by the way that has already had four juveniles this year.

The next appointment for these Juniors will be in the Spanish Championship to which they have qualified and which will be held in A Coruña from May 25 to 29 where they will have the objective of trying to achieve what would be something historic. Being able to be the best junior team in the entire country is a difficult goal, but it is far from unattainable for a squad that has solid arguments to have a license to dream. This litter is led by Nenad Dimitrievski, whom Alfonso Periáñez considers one of the pillars of the rojilla quarry: «He is essential for us. He arrived ten years ago and has become a man of the house. He is the third fixed leg of the club next to the Stevovski ».

If the generation of the Juniors is not enough, the CV SPiSP also has on its hands a litter of cadets who are already raising their hands and who are also directed by Nenad. In the Championship of Catalonia held in Sabadell they achieved the runner-up after losing to the hosts, although before that they achieved the milestone of overcoming the great favorite, FC Barcelona, ​​in the semifinals. Like the Juniors, they have the ticket for the Spanish Championship, which in this case will be held in Castellón from June 8 to 12. What is most surprising is that of the 13 players, six of them are children, in yet another proof that in the rojilla quarry the stages are burned faster than normal. “It’s like a ladder where the rung below helps the rung above. Everyone helps those who are above or at least collaborate in strengthening the group. That is good because every season we have competitive teams”, Alfonso Periáñez, president of CV Sant Pere i Sant Pau, proudly expresses.

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