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The (reasonable?) doubt about the Ciutat de Repòs

If it were a trial, surely the advertisements about the Ciutat de Repòs i Vacances would no longer have the presumption of innocence. After its closure at the end of 2011, there have been several promises that, to date, have been put on the table without any of them having ever been executed. However, on March 14, the Minister of Social Rights –Violant Cervera (Junts)– assured during a visit to Tarragona that the site will be used as a youth hostel specializing in mental health, with an investment of 15 million euros.

After years of waiting, this promise divided the residents of the area. L’Arrabassada, La Móra, the Federació de Llevant and Cala Romana welcomed him due to Boscos’ opposition. Precisely, this urbanization today organizes a consultation on the project. Specifically, the question will be that it will be put to a vote: “Do I agree that the Ciutat de Repòs i de Vacances can welcome, integrate, supervise and train minors with a psychosocial risk factor?”. Voting will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Boscos Shopping Center.

The PP requested the project
Precisely, today’s argument and question divide the parties in the municipal plenary session. “What will be done has nothing to do with what those who promote a campaign based on lies and xenophobia are preaching,” criticizes the ERC spokesman, Xavier Puig, while Elvira Vidal (JxTGN) -despite supporting “the involvement of neighbors in a participatory process” – warns that “care should be taken with exclusionary debates and tricky questions”. Eva Miguel (CUP) is “concerned” about “certain stigmatization, racist connotations and lack of social perspective before a public facility.”

The opposition, for its part, is critical “with the smoke and the lack of transparency of the Government and the City Council.” “It is an example of bad management”, laments Sandra Ramos (PSC). For its part, the PP requested, without luck, the project in writing to the Government. Between unfulfilled promises and unspecified announcements, doubts (reasonable or not) remain with the Ciutat de Repòs.

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