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The real heroes record a documentary in Calafell

They are experiences of struggle. Of help. Also acceptance and example. “Because talking and sharing is a way to continue”Homer explains.

The same struggle as that of Sílvia, Katia, Cheli, Quima and millions of people who they face cancer in the first person or because they are very close to it. «In a family member, a friend….».

Benjamin Tesillo also fought against the disease and won. It was in 2016. Author of various documentaries of a social nature, He learned about the work of the Calafell association against cancer and decided to record a report.

The documentary is also recorded at the home of the protagonists. PHOTO: PIXTONES STUDIO

«I saw that it was a very active and positive association in the way of facing life. And that had to be shown and that they could express themselves. Talking and helping other people with their examples”, explains the director of the documentary People, revive to live which is shot in Calafell.

Filming will finish at the end of the year. PHOTO. PIXTONES STUDIO

Homer lost his wife. “You go through tremendous slumps. You try to get ahead with the help of friends and specialists. He explains that «I have met people who are an example of life. I felt the need for them to listen to us». He is one of the protagonists of the documentary.

Judith Alujes, president of the Associació Calafell Contra el Càncer explains that it is a job that seeks positivity. “Show examples of overcoming. Of people who have been through it and of those who are in the fight.

The protagonists follow the shooting. PHOTO. PIXTONES STUDIO

The documentary is filming and the goal is that it can be completed before the end of the year. In addition to going to the Calafell cinema, he will go to festivals and competitions.

Anything that can be raised will be assigned to the oncology unit of the El Vendrell hospital. The entity also collaborates with Afanoc, which helps children fighting cancer, and the Associació Contra el Càncer de Tarragona.

This Friday the project will be presented at the Cine Iris civic center in the center of Calafell beach (7:00 p.m.). To publicize the project, explains director Benjamín Tesillo, who has Toni González as director of photography. The protagonists will be in the presentation and the first scenes can be seen.

Tesillo explains that filming has helped him a lot. “The filming has allowed us to get to know each other and also ourselves.” He knows what the phases of the situation are. “The anger, the sadness, asking why you, the mourning… and moving on.”

People, revive to live shows strength, optimism. “We have taught each other lessons. And that is what the documentary conveys. Make things look different. People who are in this situation wake up every day with encouragement and a smile. They teach us every day.”

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