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The rain will return to Tarragona in the next few hours

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasts for tomorrow, Friday, cloudy skies and almost generalized rainfall in almost the entire Peninsula, which will extend from west to east, with greater accumulations on the Atlantic slope.

Rainfall is expected in Tarragona in the second half of the day, despite the fact that the morning will be more or less clear. In addition, according to the Meteocat forecast, the rain will return strongly to the entire province during the day on Saturday, when greater amounts of water are expected from the afternoon. Storms could also occur locally in the Tortosa area.

On this occasion, Civil Protection has not activated any alert for rain intensity.

For its part, temperatures will continue to be rather low with an average of 17 degrees maximum in the entire territory of Tarragona and between 10 and 12º in terms of minimum temperatures.

The sun will return with force from Sunday, when the rainy season that has been plaguing Tarragona in recent days is expected to end.

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