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The quadre ‘La Masia’ marks a departure and a setback in the life and trajectory of Joan Miró

The Fundació Mas Miró has encetat aquest said the acts of commemoració of the centennial of the quadre the farmhouse by Joan Miro.

According to the director of the team, Elena Juncosa, the work supposes “an abans and a setback in the life and trajectory” of the painter. Miró will begin to draw the façana of the family farmhouse in 1921 and will finish the work one year later in Paris.

The net of the painter, Joan Punyet, has highlighted the strong link between the seu avi and the town of Mont-roig del Camp. Juncosa has highlighted that the thirty or so activities of organizations have been thinking “in the five sentits that intervene in the creative process of the artist”. One of the most outstanding events will be the conference at the National Gallery of Art in Washington with the original quadre de fons.

PHOTO: Alfredo Gonzalez

the farmhouse by Miró is one of the most emblematic paintings of the artist and is considered one of the points of inflection of the sixth figurative stage. Ara bé, not only is it going to change the course of his other work, but of the whole of the history of art. Amb aquest punt departing s’have programmed the thirty of acts to the voltant d’aquesta work on it is pot reconèixer the façana of the family farmhouse and all the elements linked to treball de la terra.

The origins and the inn in value of the territory is one of the other pillars on which the program of activities is based to commemorate this centenary that will end in November.

According to the mayor, Fran Morancho, the link between the artist and the population will remain forever after painting his emotional landscape and showing it. “The town of Mont-roig del Camp has a special tea that will not leave a universal artist indifferent, this is in a unique territory, which faces surprises, as it will be for 100 years”, he assured.

A program designed with the five sentits

Otherwise, the programming is based on the five sensory feelings, which according to the director of Mas Miró Elena Juncosa, intervene directly in the creative process of an artist.

Així, it is looking for the public to arrive at understanding all the vessants that surround Miró’s work, beyond the visual part. In this way, they have prepared acts amb l’olfacte, the touch or the taste with the main protagonists. Among others, a wine tasting is planned, an exhibition with the original models of guix of the sculptures of the artist or the distillation of the quadre mitjançant herbes aromàtiques presents to the surroundings of the farmhouse.

Among all the acts planned, the conversation that is entitled ‘From farm to Museum (Del Mas al Museu)’ stands out, and which will maintain the net of the artist Joan Punyet i Miró and Harry Cooper, responsible for Modern Art and Contemporary of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, owner of the quadre. It will be a conference that can be followed online and that will allow having the Mas Miró and the famous original painting by Fons on a single screen on October 27th.

Recovery d’horaris d’abans from the pandemic

The health context of the last two years has conditioned all the cultural facilities and the Mas Miró has not been an exception. Ara, coincident not named with the date of completion of the quadre the farmhouse, but also in the face of the mobility and health restrictions of the pandemic, the Mas Miró recovers the usual timetables d’abans de l’esclat of the coronavirus. Així, the foundation will work from dimarts to diumenge. Despite the number of visitors during Holy Week, Juncosa has highly valued the influx of a mostly national public.

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