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The Provincial Council of Tarragona inaugurates Bràfim les millores de la TP-2031

The president of the Provincial Council of Tarragona, Noemí Llauradó, has inaugurated the last two stretches of the TP-2031 road, a finalization of the works of great achievement.

It is part of the TV-2034 tram to the C-51, which is 4.4km long and includes 4 direct intersections to access the municipality of Bràfim, and the tram that joins Argilaga to the C-51, divided into two differential trams, with a total length of 5.14km.

There is also completion of the renovation of the TP-2031 road, which connects the city of Tarragona with the linking roundabout with the C-51 road (which joins el Vendrell i Valls) and the TP-2022 (which ends at el Pont d’Armentera) and that has been realized in phases during the darrers anys.

This is one of the most relevant actions for the Diputació’s highway network, which was listed as one of the priorities for the institution’s Zonal Plan 2020-2035.

The official inauguration of these millionaire darreres was held by Bràfim, with the participation of the president of the Provincial Council of Tarragona, Noemí Llauradó; the mayor of Bràfim, Xavier Rius i Garcia; the mayor of Nulles, Jordi Sànchez, and the deputy delegate of the Territorial Assistance Service Area, Miquel Subirats.

The mayors of the other municipalities affected by the project were also present: Renau, la Secuita, Alió, Vilabella and Vila-rodona. On behalf of the Diputació, the first vice president, Quim Nin, and the deputies Marta Blanch, Camí Mendoza and Carme Ferrer also attended.

During the seva intervention, Noemí Llauradó has highlighted that the conditioning of this road is “a very important work for the neighbors and neighbors of various municipalities, also for the entire region. It is a road with a high traffic confluence and compta with a considerable number of cyclists.

The intervention was totally necessary”. Llauradó has stated that it was invested in the network of highways that depend on the Diputació “is one of the priorities of our institution, which is marked in the Pla de Mandat and that it has the objective of guaranteeing territorial balance and the equality of opportunities between the countryside and the city.”

The darrers renewed trams of the TP-2031

The last renewed tram is located between the roundabout with the TV-2034 road that goes from Valls to Vilabella and the roundabout with the C-51 road, which goes from Valls to Vendrell, and the TP-2002 road, which goes to Santes Creus i fins al Pont d’Armentera.

It is 4.4 km long, circumnavigates the locality of Bràfim and comprises 4 direct intersections of access to the municipality of Bràfim, 2 accesses to the Alió-Bràfim industrial estate, various accesses to roads and farms and different revolts.

The objective of the action has been to improve the safety of all users of this road and has consisted in the expansion of the road to ensure a minimum extension of 9 meters, both traffic lanes of 3 meters and vorals d’ 1.5 meters wide.

S’have millorat existing revolts and intersections, both roundabouts or reordering of circulation. They have also done complementary works, with the improvement of drainage, filling and retouching.

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