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The pressupost of Santa Oliva contemplates the expansion of the school

Santa Oliva will approve the budget of 2022 with an amount of 4,029,019 euros. It is the highest amount in the last 10 years and it is worth noting that the main taxes have been frozen.

The budget for 2022 increased by 9.3% compared to 2021. This increase is possible for the subsidy agreements between the other administrations and the reduced parties with the despesa in electricitat.

The implantation of LED lights in the xarxa d’il.luminació public allow a stay of 270,000 euros in darrers 3 yearspassing from spending €200,000 per year in 2018 to €95,000 per year.

The highest game is of serveis amb 1,505,326 i included the implementation of the new waste collection system from door to door. It also contemplates the municipalization of the network of public roads.
To investments, both 734,000 euros, it is foreseen a new phase of pool remodelingmillions in sports equipment, adaptations of cultural buildings, installation of recharging points for electric vehicles, the last phase of substitution of street lighting for LED lighting.

Special importance is the remodeling and expansion of the Escola de la Parellada. Some works to which, the City Council will contribute more than €300,000 of its own funds and the rest will be financed through a specific agreement with the Generalitat de Catalunya. It is expected that you will work allarguin during the year 2023

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