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The Port of TGN begins to develop the Guadalajara-Marchamalo Terminal

The Port of Tarragona is finalizing the drafting of the project for the second phase of works at the Guadalajara-Marchamalo Terminal in order to limit downtime between construction phases.

The infrastructure has taken this step by having entered the final stretch of the first phase of construction of the new infrastructure, as explained in a statement on Monday.

Currently, the construction company is compacting the land of the 12 hectares of space, the installation of 900 linear meters of perimeter closure with a concrete wall and the metal mesh in the area parallel to the train tracks, in addition to the placement of 600 meters of water collection collectors.

The second phase will consist of the development of the terminal, with the concreting of the space, the installation of lighting and the railway connections with the Adif network.

This phase is expected to have a construction period of 12 months from its start, which is estimated to be before the end of this year.

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