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The police chief of Cambrils distinguished himself at the Mossos festa

The head of the Local Police of Cambrils, Josep Muñoz, will be distinguished by his distinguished trajectory in the framework of the Day of the Squads of the Camp de Tarragona Police Region.

They also receive congratulations from the Cos de Mossos d’Esquadra, a sergent and a caporal from the Cambrilian police who are going to carry out an investigation and participate in the joint operation to dismantle an organized group that committed crimes against public health for cultivation and traffic of drugs.

The mayor of Cambrils, Oliver Klein, and the councilor of Citizen Security, David Chatelain, will accompany the distinguished policies to the act of congratulations and decorations, which will be held there, April 21, at the Municipal Cultural Center of Valleys.

During the event, relevant and meritorious actions are recognized by Mossos d’Esquadra agents, along with other security matters, administration personnel and citizens who have collaborated with them.

The congratulations of the head of the Local Police, Josep Muñoz, recognized the good coordination, the predisposition to collaborate to improve security and, in short, the work done during his long professional career, which has fully developed with Cambrilenc . Since July 2010 he is the head of the Local Police of Cambrils and in Guanajuato he will retire after 40 years.

For another band, the sergent and caporal of the Local Police guardonats will have a paper clau in the investigation to arrest a group of cultivava, distributed and sold marijuana. The investigation is going to begin with an investigation by the Local Police of Cambrils from a place located in the municipality that had aixecat sospites. Given this information, at the end of 2020 the Mossos will create a joint team with agents of the Local Police of Cambrils and will be for weeks investigating the piss and related people, which is to verify that there is marxat in the country.

The police efforts will be reprimanded on March 2021 when it is going to be detected activities in the investigative piss and it will be called when the police will discover that the investigations make up a criminal organization dedicated to the foreign cultivation of marijuana.

In Cambrils there was the head of the organization, a 50-year-old Albanian citizen, the seva parella, a 47-year-old Spanish dona, and the leader’s leader, a 33-year-old Albanian citizen. Both the couple and the head of the organization have prominent roles in the criminal network.

From the results of the investigations, the researchers will be able to locate three marijuana plantations outside Priorat, with the caps of the organization having port to Albanian citizens for gardeners. Specifically, the plantations are located in Ulldemolins, Cabacés and la Figuera.

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