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The plenary session of Vila-seca, excited, says the last goodbye to Sandra González

Today, the last Friday of the month, is the ordinary plenary session in Vila-seca. But usually he has had nothing. The commotion over the death of councilwoman Sandra González on Tuesday continues and in this afternoon’s session, the least important thing was the political debate. In fact, there was neither debate nor time devoted to political issues. In a few minutes, the debate part was resolved with unanimous approval.

The seat occupied by this 42-year-old councilor had a photograph commemorating her and a white rose. And next door, after a brief speech by Mayor Pere Segura, a minute of silence was held and a performance of The Song of the Ocells (by Pau Casals) by the cellist Elna Solorzano, to pay a warm tribute to the deceased politician.

The other spokespersons have also intervened in memory of the companion. And it has been decided to take a 5-minute break to recover from the emotions that she had in the room.

In plenary, not only the mayors have been with the emotion to the surface. Her parents, her husband and her two sons, twins, also wanted to be present on this special Friday.

The goodbye of Sandra González leaves an empty seat that must be filled in future plenary sessions. Municipal sources explain that the procedure corresponds to the Electoral Board and that the person who should enter to occupy its position is the next on the list, Azahara Esther Moreno.

The question is whether the new councilor will enter with the acronym of Ciutadans (formation to which Sandra and the rest of her colleagues belonged before withdrawing from the party and not being attached) or will she also leave the acronym. But today, this unknown is the least of it. Rest in peace Sandra.

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