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The plenary session of the Chamber of Commerce breaks the pact and Jordi Just will continue as president

The current president of the Reus Chamber of Commerce, Jordi Just, will continue to lead the institution until the end of his mandate (May 2023). According to the pact reached at the beginning of 2019, Just (#Tots Som Cambra candidacy) had to hold the position for the first three years –until this May–, while Àgata Girbes (Cambr4.0 candidacy) would close the term as president of the camera. However, the majority of the plenary session of the Reus Chamber of Commerce, meeting this past Thursday night in an extraordinary session, approved maintaining the current composition of the Executive Committee, maintaining the positions of president, vice-presidents and members and, therefore, that Jordi Just continues to be the president and Àgata Girbes, first vice-president.

Of the 31 members of the plenary session, about twenty would have asked to hold this extraordinary plenary session to “deal with this issue,” said the third vice president, Jaume Domènech, yesterday. As he explains, the proposal to continue with Just at the head of the chamber entity “we arrived after many consultations with various actors and agents in the territory, who agreed that now is not the time for changes. The conditions are not the same as in 2019. In the middle there has been the Covid ».

Domènech details that this issue had been discussed on several occasions “and in the end we decided to take it to the plenary session, where everyone could express their opinion,” he says. After debating the issue, he went on to vote. As the Diari has learned, of the 31 members of the plenary with the right to vote (in the session there were about twenty more people, cooperating members, who have a voice, but no vote), 24 were present, of which 18 voted in favor of the continuity of the current composition of the Executive Committee and four, against. Therefore, Jordi Just continues as president.

«In the plenary session of the Chamber I announced, once again, the will to present my resignation from the position. And the majority of the plenary session did not accept it and asked me, explicitly, that the Committee continue as it has been up to now, maintaining the current positions, ”Just argues. That is why he appreciates “this demonstration of trust” and says that “now it’s time to continue working, as we have done so far, for the benefit of the territory and the companies. This is our main goal.”

“A pact has been broken”

Given what happened, Àgata Girbes describes the situation as “very uncomfortable” because “a pact has been breached and this creates a precedent. From now on, who will dare to agree if later it can not be fulfilled? », She asks herself.

He underlines that in the agreement reached “the dates were very clear and that the transfer had to be facilitated. And this has not happened », he denounces. Likewise, Girbes emphasizes that she has remained faithful to the pact in question, which “is in writing. And if it had been a simple handshake, I would have done it the same ».

He explains that the arguments put forward for this turn “is because there are projects underway and because of the Covid. But obviously there are projects, and we would have given continuity, and in terms of Covid, businessmen have not stopped and neither has the Chamber, because it is at this time that you have to show that you are there. In spite of everything, Àgata Girbes says she is not surprised by what happened, “it was a death foretold, she could see it coming” because “there was never any intention to facilitate the transfer.”

Now, Girbes is assessing her continuity as first vice president of the Chamber of Commerce. On the other hand, she has not decided whether she will stand in the next elections of the chamber entity, in 2023, “because we already presented our candidacy in 2019 with great enthusiasm…”, she laments. She recalls that work began on the Cambr4.0 candidacy in 2018 “with great enthusiasm, working as a network. We grew, bringing together many people, but we received a lot of pressure to reach an agreement» with the #Tots Som Cambra candidacy, led by Jordi Just. “We thought it was a way to show the two leaderships, but I have not been able to demonstrate mine,” she says.

It was on February 26, 2019 that they publicly announced the pact reached between both candidates, joining as one, avoiding holding elections. The agreement established a shared presidency, with Just being the president of the entity for the first three years, while Girbes would be vice-president except for the year of closing of the mandate, exercising the presidency, something that will not happen. Already at the time of the presentation of the pact, those responsible for the negotiating teams did not hide that it had been a difficult and complex process, but they opted to join forces.

It was on May 22, 2019 that Jordi Just took over from Isaac Sanromà, who had held the position since 2006.

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