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The patient who was hospitalized for more than two years for covid

Eduardo Lozano, the 60-year-old taxi driver from Barcelona who has been hospitalized for more than two years due to covid-19, was discharged from hospital this Friday, as reported by the Duran i Reynals socio-health center in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat ( Barcelona), where he was hospitalized.

Since he was admitted to the Bellvitge Hospital on March 22, 2020, Lozano has been hospitalized for two years and 45 days, surviving a virus that left him in the ICU for three months, two of them in an induced coma, and later recovering from the aftermath, some of which still remain.

“I didn’t expect to recover,” he admitted in statements to TV3 Lozano, who has thanked the support of all the doctors, nurses and physiotherapists and other personnel who helped him in his rehabilitation. Lozano, who when he woke up from the coma “looked like a corpse” and could not move or speak, has overcome a long and hard recovery process, but he has had sequelae, such as pulmonary fibrosis, which causes some breathlessness; mobility problems, which force you to walk with the help of a walker; or the scars from the wounds on his knees (from being face down in the ICU) or in his mouth (from the number of tubes they put in).

“I’m a little scared, because two years are too long, I don’t know if I’ll be able to be well abroad, do well the daily things I did before,” he said. Although he has lamented that he will not be able to work as a taxi driver again, he has indicated that his future plans are to “enjoy life”.

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