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The Pallol hotel, the “revulsive tourist” of Reus

The works of the new Pallol de Reus hotel are advancing quickly, you just have to walk by to check it out. It is a milestone, since the project itself suffered numerous delays years ago. For now, several operators –commercial, restaurant and hotel sector, among others–, describe it as a future “revulsive tourism”.
They maintain that the equipment will also help “increase the tourist’s length of stay and will complement the existing hotel offer in the old town”, values, for example, the president of the Tomb de Reus commercial space, Jacint Pallejà. He maintains that tourists will stay longer and that the hotel will provide “economic opportunities.” It shows that the spectrum of beneficiary sectors is wide and that they have evolved a lot over time: it distinguishes that the Tomb hosts a great variety and not only commercial, it talks about fashion, beauty, the service sector, restaurants and hotels. “We energize geographic spaces,” he insists.

“Good to grow”

The representative of the hotel sector of Reus within the Associació d’Empresaris i Hostalers (AEH) of the province of Tarragona, Magdaleno Pareja, values ​​for his part that the future arrival of the hotel “is competition, but also diversity”. “It is a new four-star hotel, it will have the capacity to attract,” he points out. He defends that having variety will mean that tourists, coming from different parts of Catalonia, the State or abroad, “will have more to choose from, everything more at hand”, always according to their itinerary. He recalls, as usual, that the capital of Baix Camp “is not a usual tourist destination, we always say that being close to Salou, many clients take the opportunity to visit the city, due to its proximity to the coast, but they are passing through” . In general, the type of hotel public is distributed in Reus, “travels for business, attends sporting events and comes for Easter”. In any case, “the new hotel will be good for Reus and for it to grow.”

The president of La Unió de Botiguers, Meritxell Barberà, declares that «it is evident that it will help us; we are happy because a new public will come and a nearby hotel always provides facilities». They do not expect tourists “from far away”, but “many who come to spend the weekend, from the north, such as Basques and French”.

The president of the Passeig Comercial El Pallol, Pau Salvadó, celebrates that the project is moving forward, “it was a space that had to be solved for a long time, with delays, and it is positive for the fabric of Pallol entrepreneurs, it means the entry of one more actor , means more hours of leisure and more with a level hotel”, he adds.

The spokesman for the restorers of the Tomb of Reus and vice-president of the AEH of Reus, Víctor Perales, sees the arrival of the hotel as an incentive. «We will have to study what type of tourists will come, perhaps it will mean an adaptation on our part, of the schedules of our kitchens. The airport is betting this year on flights from England and we come from a year in which some French approached; this year, it is clear that the war in Ukraine has affected tourist movements and the supply of raw materials », he points out.

The Councilor for City Promotion of the Reus City Council, Montserrat Caelles, explains that the creation of the new hotel, “in our case, is good news.” «A four-star urban hotel, located right in the heart of the commercial, restaurant and service hub of the city, represents an important possibility of hosting cultural tourism, launched 25 years ago with the creation of the Ruta del Modernisme and, later, the Gaudí Centre, initiatives that we are constantly updating from Reus Promoció and adding new ones, too, such as the Estació Enològica» he details. All this, she says, will be reinforced if overnight stays increase in the near future.

Also, he continues, it will benefit «tourism for meetings, congresses and sports, in addition to getaways. that we are promoting from the council, with varied events ». An example of what it summarizes is the ‘Roses de Reus’ event, which started last year and was presented yesterday this year. “This year, we are expanding it and turning it into a new point of reference for visitors to southern Catalonia”, he reviews. He confirms that “we are on the right track and this encourages us to continue working on the promotional line we have started.”

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