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The Palau d’Esports Catalunya, now it is for Tarragona

The Palau d’Esports Catalunya is ours. Yes, officially there the Generalitat is going to deliver to the city the clauses of this new sports equipment and it will say that the management becomes municipal. From now on, the Palau d’Esports enters a new stage. It hasn’t been easy, but we have managed to do it.
The municipal government, together with the Government of the Generalitat, has unraveled the situation of the Palau d’Esports Catalunya and it has caused an abandonment and a disappointment for the team but also for the sports clubs of the city and for the citizens in general.

There has been a path of entrebancs, but after a great deal of work by part of the City Council and the Generalitat, we can resolve this situation and we can ensure that it is the one we all persecute. One more cop, donem solved a heretat problem for the benefit of the city and the sports entities of Tarragona. A cop surpasses this escull, we can only celebrate that Tarragona has, for itself, a first level sports equipment.

After posing in order in the legal and patrimonial embolism that is going to generate the start of the presses to organize the Jocs Mediterranis, we can ensure that the day we will be able to open the gates, from bat abat, to the sports clubs of Tarragona is to play . It is worth having a space like this to be able to train and compete. Per fi they will be able to gaudir d’equipament that cannot be seu tot just finish the jocs, as you do please, but now it will be.

The volem ple d’esportistes, ben aviat, entrenant i competition, rebent amb humilitat i pride now teams d’arreu

The Palau d’Esports Catalunya is becoming the cornerstone of the Xarxa d’Instal·lacions Esportives de Tarragona and has to facilitate the seu sentit primari, that of l’esport as an element of socialization and of physical and emotional well-being.
From the Municipal Sports Board of Tarragona and from the Department of Sports, a technical treball has been foreseen that will make it easier for the Palau to perform at its maximum performance next season. S’ha fet a treball d’anticipació and foresight that will facilitate that the inn at punt del Palau is not dilated in the temps. The volem ple d’esportistes, ben aviat, entrenant i compete, reben amb humilitat i pride now teams d’arreu.

We know what volem i cap a on anem. The future of the Palau d’Esports Catalunya is defined by three main ideas: the seva utilization of the city’s clubs; The studies in specialties of superior cycles and undergraduate in sports and health environment and the development of the seves potentialitats with a most relevant piece of economic traction and tourist destination.

Amb the cessió de l’equipament tanm a stage that could be gray, if not confused, and in an alternative full of light, full of positivism and a long look towards the future. The Palau d’Esports s’omplirà of life, it is clear that yes. Els ciutadans de Tarragona l’ompliran d’activitat i acollirà grans esdeveniments esportius. Ho farem com fins ara, fent les coses semper des del sentit comú, des persevering work and illusion. Avoiding stridencies and donating passes continue in the direction you seek, the well-being of the citizens and citizens of Tarragona.

The Palau belongs to all the people of Tarragona. It is això to leave the passat enrere, we have to look endavant. Volem a Palau d’Esports that bategui and that ho faci amb força. Sabem com fer-ho i ho farem between totes and tots!

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