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The pact that stopped the EMT strike, in the hands of the municipal comptroller

The agreement that on April 12 stopped the EMT drivers’ strike is in the hands of the municipal comptroller of the Tarragona City Council. As the Diari has been able to verify, the agreement signed 17 days ago by the executive representatives of the company and the workers’ strike committee specifies that the document “is subject to the issuance of a report by Intervenció” and that “all those aspects with respect to which it is reported in an unfavorable way will not be applicable». In this sense, the agreement that stopped the indefinite strike without ordinary service emphasizes that “the points of the agreement that are not informed in an unfavorable manner and are likely to enter into force retroactively will take effect as of today” April 12 .

The translation of all this? That only what the auditor gives his approval is used. The rest will remain on wet paper. According to the sources consulted, the senior municipal official already has the document on the table to rule on its validity and enforceability for this 2022 in the coming weeks.

The “how”, in a month and a half
After weeks of negotiations, the disagreement between management and employees led to a conflict that involved six days of work stoppages, both partial and full-time. Finally, the last mediation meeting that took place three weeks ago between the representatives of the company and the EMT workers bore fruit. At the meeting, a roadmap was achieved that was endorsed by the workers’ assembly on April 14, so that the strike scheduled for April 19 was called off and threatened to be sine die.

What does the document say, however, that prevented the paralysis of public transport? The first point focuses on the company’s commitment to “carry out the necessary actions to obtain the relevant structural staffing”, exploring “all avenues of legal action”. In this sense, the management’s commitment is to have in 45 days the “how” this “needs study” will be carried out. Currently, the public company has a replacement of 1.2 (for every 10 casualties, 12 people can be hired), although the proposal that was lost to senior officials could be higher “if it is justified that it is for sufficient accredited reasons” . In the meetings of recent weeks, the committee expressed its willingness to convert 14 employees who are now temporary, into permanent ones,

The second point focuses on the internal coverage of auxiliary services, so that the current seven places occupied internally for services without passengers (such as performing vehicle maintenance or taking them to refuel or ITV) become nine.
The third aspect that appears in the document is that referring to the annual calculation to increase by 21 hours (3 days) the balance of rest due to recovery of excess hours, while the fourth agreed aspect is the improvement of the facilities of the Polígon garages Francoli. In this sense, the process to install a pergola has already begun, as well as the improvement of the sinks.

Fortuny: “it will improve the service”
The last two points refer to remuneration aspects. The document establishes the OK of the two parties for “homogeneous treatment” in the sick leave payment system. In this way, 100% of the payment is established “without the variable remuneration of each worker affecting the calculation.”

At an economic level, the pact that is already in the hands of the controller contemplates the pact to “have “consistent and proportionate” salary tables, distributed in 16 payments. To this end, “the amounts of the specific complement that will be transferred to the base salary will also be determined”, as well as a new productivity item, valued at 150,000 euros.

The president of the EMT, Jordi Fortuny (ERC), highlights that the agreement “will improve the operation and the service that the company offers to citizens”. The first deputy mayor also highlights that the pact will allow the company “not to commit any illegality to stop the strike”, as demonstrated precisely by the requirement that the document “receive a favorable report from the control mechanisms.”

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