The oral tradition removed the territory

An excavator as a representation of the will of the Festival En Veu Alta (EVA) to remove the foundations and the substrats through oral tradition. The contest celebrates the majority of the age, divuit edicions, with the aim of fulfilling the territory of l’Alt and Baix Penedès -from June 3 to 26- and Pradell de la Teixeta (Priorat) -from 1 to July 3rd – of oral narration shows, concerts, xerrades and presentations of books for all the publics. End to 77 different proposals -the majority free or with popular prices- it will be possible to see in the next weeks, since the EVA will undertake its journey for more than 30 different populations.

«Volem remoure, search and deepen in the arrels through the oral tradition that is the popular culture, is to say, search allò enterrat that ens pot ajudar ajudar que som i d’on venim, per a créixer com a persones”, explains the director of the EVA Festival, Jordina Biosca.

Així, the territory of the oral tradition s’expandeix amb three novelties. D’una banda, Les Espores de l’EVA will fly from May 13 to 27, mitjançant set spectacles, weekends to five neighboring towns: Sant Pere de Ribes, Torredembarra, Capellades, Vilanova i la Geltrú i Begues.

Martha Escudero will premiere ‘Mujeres de moral distraída’. PHOTO: CREDIT

«One of the priorities of the EVA Festival is to discover and recognize the territory. Per això, partint de la base de l’Alt i Baix Penedès we have sought the municipalities veïns per fer-hi prèvies, the fortnight prior to the opening of the festival», Jordina Biosca will highlight.

From another band, Els Telèfons de l’EVA is presented to cavall between an artistic installation and a storytelling show, made up of 12 old phones that only caldrà despenjar to feel through the headset a story or a song linked to the shows of the En Veu Alta Festival. The installation can be found in Cunit, Calafell, Segur de Calafell, Torrelavit, Mediona and Santa Oliva, localities that will be fixed every week. Some of the narrators who have contributed the seva veu are Quimet Pla, Núria Solina and the commentator Ferriol Macip, among others.

The third novelty of the EVA Festival is the EVALudens initiative. «Juntament amb Les Espores de l’EVA, corresponds to a treball that we have begun, both força i voluntarily de projecció, to arrive at nous públics», the director of the contest will explain.

In this matter, he will state that «it seems that the capacity of escort has declined, the capacity of abstraction through the escort, the mind through the escort and that there are no more public shows offered Young people, from primary and secondary, with the differential tret followed the paraula and the lack of technology, we are going to initiate four months a trial pilot on its monthly offer to all the students of 5th and 6th primary and first and second ESO -curs per curs i classe per classe- spectacles of narrative, gloss, romanços i cançó popular catalana». Així, facing the school year 22/23, the EVA will offer a stable program of narration and oral tradition shows, during school hours and during the school year.

‘Ocaña, Queen of the Ramblas’ is the show by Joan Vázquez and Marc Sambola. PHOTO: CREDIT

Spaces and singular programs

In the majority of the age, the EVA aims for singular scenarios, that is to say, “spaces that are not usually likely to be a scenic space, with gardens, places, crypts, cementiris, cloisters, etc.”, goes detail Jordina Biosca.

From the programming, the director of the festival will highlight that «look for the versatility of one-person narration shows, it is to say, it is not theater, but that they are people who are alone on stage and explain what they fly and what they do sembla interessant».

In this sense, he will mention the presence of Quimet Pla and Núria Solina with the Absenta show (Llorenç del Penedès Jardins d’Oriol Martorell, June 26 at 7:30 p.m.); the Japanese Yoshi Hioki and the spectacle La flor que palpita (Sant Pere de Ribes, Les Roquetes, at the Josep Pla Library, on May 13 at 8 pm); the Mexican Martha Escudero i Mujeres de moral distraída (Begues, La Ginesta Library, May 27 at 7:30 p.m.); from l’Uruguai, Patrícia McGill i Contes erràtics (Capellades, Public Library, May 19 at 7:30 p.m.); to Catalan storytellers like Juanan Rodríguez and Ets una bèstia, Viskovitz (Torrelles de Foix, la llar de la recerca, June 24 at 7:30 p.m.); i Assumpta Mercader i Maria Carretero amb Curts crus (Sant Pere de Riudebitlles, Maria Àngels Torrents Library, June 4 and 9 pm); the Valencians Almudena Francés i La casa de Carmeta (Vilafranca del Penedès, Claustre dels Trinitaris, June 9 at 6 p.m.) and Carles Cano amb Contes, anècdotes i Sussoïts (Masllorenç, Plaça de l’Església, June 4 at 20 hours).

On the 14th in Torredembarra, Almudena Francés will perform. PHOTO: CREDIT

Així mateix, Jordina Biosca will also highlight the participation of Galician storytellers such as Celso, Guti and Quico and the Tres vellas show (polo minus) that will be able to see the Vendrell (Garden of the Museu Deu, June 9 at 8 p.m.) ; and the participation of the Chévere company with the As Fillas Bravas community from Momán to Cunit (Plaça de Catalunya, June 5 at 7:00 p.m.).

“It is the tract of a show that beu de les cançons i la dició Galician”, the director of the festival will explain, while Arantxa, Mónica and Patricia, members of the company, will point out that “portem amb aquest espectacle vuit anys, fent actions to Galicia and Portugal». An example of how, Jordina Biosca will say, «the narrators accumulate spectacles and they wear amb nosaltres, it is to say, they can anar fent because there are always audiences who want to repeat and return to escort him because the oralitat it doesn’t go out of style.”

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