The OCU claims to eliminate fuel taxes

The OCU believes that today the Government’s latest measure to lower the price of fuel – a discount of 20 cents per liter – is “insufficient” and considers the temporary abolition of taxes necessary, as is already the case with electricity and VAT reduction to 10%.

In a statement, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) denounces in a statement the rise of 5.5% in gasoline 95 and 6.6% in diesel since last April 13, just before the exit operation of Holy Week.

Some increases, which place the current prices, without the discount of 20 cents per liter, at least six cents above those they had on April 1, when that discount approved by the Government began to be applied.

According to the OCU, the average price of gasoline 95 already reaches 1,886 euros/liter, compared to 1,769 euros/liter on April 13 and 1,800 euros/liter on April 1. The average price of diesel is today, according to the organization, 1,899 euros/liter, compared to 1,782 euros/liter on April 13 and 1,836 euros/liter on April 1.

In all cases, the prices quoted are without the discount of 20 cents, but include those collected in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, which have a lower tax burden.

The organization warns of the few tools that consumers have to prevent these increases, beyond prioritizing the cheapest gas station chains, which usually coincide with low cost chains and supermarket chains and that, moreover, “are not always close to your place of residence or work.

For this reason, he describes these increases as “terrible” news for the economy of families, which is added – he says – to the “exaggerated” prices of electricity and gas, a “very important overexertion”, which also has repercussions, according to consumers, in goods and services, such as food in the shopping basket.

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